Can you dye hair after bleaching and toning?

Welcome to the world of hair coloring- dubbed by many as a terrifying place filled with chemicals that can probably kill you. It is said that once you start dyeing your hair, there’s no turning back. But what if you’ve already bleached and toned your locks? Is it possible to transform them yet again? Today, we debunk this mystery.

What is Bleaching and Toning?

Before we dive headfirst into the unknown waters of dyed hair post-processing, let’s get our basics right. Bleaching refers to the process of removing natural pigment from our hair strands using strong chemicals like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. The result is usually blonde or white-colored hair (unless you’re going for something different).

Now comes the crucial part- toning! Toners are used after bleach has been applied on the hair. Their primary function is to counteract any unwanted yellow tones left behind by bleach so that your locks look less like straw and more like human beings…but in bizarre colors!

So, Can One Dye Hair After Using These Products?

Yes, they can! Let me put this out there – chemical processing on your crowning glory does not mean it’s ruined forever . However, precautions must be taken when applying new color after using powerful products such as bleach or toner.

Wait Fourteen Days

That sounds extreme but hear me out before heading off with those abandoned dreams of having pink streaks amidst platinum blonde waves – please show some patience for FOURTEEN DAYS after doing anything drastic on those tresses but don’t go holding a grudge against anyone just because they take too long getting ready.. This waiting period allows time for cuticles damaged during processing and molecules affected by pigmentation changes to heal naturally.

Waiting also gives us ample time to research proper wayshow-to guides, watch DO’s and DON’Ts on YouTube, and browse insufficiently informative Reddit threads) of how to color treat your post-processed hair. You wouldn’t want a strand test turning into an all-over disaster.

Choose the Right Product

You’ve waited for two weeks and have stocked up your knowledge arsenal accordingly. Plucking up the courage to apply dye over that icy blonde head can be challenging – but using products suited for treated hair can help! The last thing we want is causing more irreversible damage.

Make sure you go shopping with a list compiled as per product recommendations from salons, friends or family members who have attempted it before you taking suggestions from Beauty Influencers’ Instagram posts won’t hurt either ). Always choose a brand promise hydration – hydrated strands are happy strands!

Start Slow

We don’t mean snail pace here (unless that’s what you’re incorporating into those tresses). If sticking to tonal colors like pink highlights instead of going straight for green Mermaid looks seems too tamelike-fairytale-like-sugar-candy-coated girl; ); remember, there will always be next time!

Slowly introducing low-lights gradually over time offers natural depth while limiting damage any additional processing may cause. After all, it’s not every day our manes “get ready”. Organic lock transformation takes patience!


I hope our insights provided clarity about coloring post-processing procedures previously deemed impossible by many brooding shades enthusiasts had probably given away their favorite skirts.). To sum it up in short sentences- YES BEEP BEP ALOBTU if done right . Holding off on impatient tendencies pays off(usually), selecting suitable products catered towards processed stands practices become essential foundations(pun intended), remembering small steps lead to great outcomes…most often(be careful out there!) .

So go ahead- let those creative juices flow & good luck in achieving the hair of your dreams that don’t make you look like a bottle of sherbet fizzy drink)!