Can you drink with allegra?

So, you’ve got allergies and are wondering if it’s safe to drink with Allegra? Fear not, friend! We’re here to set things straight. Below we’ll explore the topic in detail so you can have a better understanding of whether or not drinking is a good idea while taking this medication.

What is Allegra?

Before we get into the details of drinking with Allegra, let’s start by discussing what exactly this medication is and what it does.

Allegra, also known as fexofenadine hydrochloride (try saying that five times fast), is an antihistamine typically used to treat symptoms associated with seasonal allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes (or just the good ol’ hay fever).

Unlike some other allergy medications out there that can cause drowsiness (yeah diphenhydramine, we’re looking at you buddy), fexofenadine doesn’t make most people feel sleepy. It works by blocking histamine receptors thus reducing allergy symptoms.

Drinking on Antihistamines

Now here’s where things get interesting – how does alcohol interact with antihistamines like Allegra? Well, for starters: Not well my dude …

When combined together – even in small amounts – alcohol can intensify certain side effects caused by these types of drugs such as dizziness and drowsiness (ironically two all-time favorite booze-activities).

More importantly though…(drumroll please) it increases your risk for liver issues when mixing alcohol alongside central nervous system depressants (like damn son!). Mixing both could increase your chances of experiencing negative health effects over time including developing liver problems down the line – yikes!

While one night out might seem harmless enough but says research …repeatedly mixing these substances may result in serious consequences such as liver or nerve damage.

Kinds of Alcohol And Allegra Reactions

Now, let’s talk about the specific ways in which alcohol can react with Allegra. The two things that really matter here are:

1. Type of Alcohol

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to determining exactly how different types of booze will interact with an antihistamine like Allegra. It largely depends on factors such as your weight, age (jesus christ we’re screwed) and overall health condition at the time you consume both substances.

Here’s a brief rundown on how some liquors might respond (we’ll spare you from all because some are just too damn exotic):

  • Wine: Generally considered okay but still may intensify side effects if overdone (oh come on…)

  • Whiskey: Same thing as wine … moderation people! Slow down that pace!

  • Beer: Again, not horrible for most individuals…let’s call this sobering news


It isn’t just what kind of liquor hits your lips though – For good or bad; it also has organic chemistry defined consequences based on quantity.

If you decide to have a cocktail while taking fexofenadine , do so in moderation!!!!!! Lest ye open Pandoras’ box!!! In general – drinking only small amounts should be relatively harmless for most adults, however excessive consumption could lead to dangerous interactions .

Other Considerations

In addition to those aforementioned risks there are other common symptoms when these two separate entities mix:


When drinking excessively (which means differently depending who asks) alcohol tends damages kidneys= less water being taken into your body – hence dehydration!

Knowing this fact beforehand places ‘being close-to-a-bathroom’ high up in priorities list during drinking sessions(also lesser reliance fitness-first routine).

Women more prone than men owing reduced water retention rates – so extra care required (girl power!)

Side Effects:

Other side effects of drinking on Allegra can include:
Blurred vision
– Digestive issues
Why? Because that’s what happens when you mix them. Period.

Risks Involved:

Numerous studies have been conducted in the past decade to identify specific risks involved with combining alcohol and allergy medications. Here are some highlights if reading medical literature is among things that float your boat:

  • Combining antihistamines like fexofenadine with high amounts of alcohol could lead to potential organ damage over time, including liver or nerve damage.
    This isn’t a freak discover … it’s mutually agreed upon by most researchers!

Should You Drink While On Allegra?

Whether or not you should drink while taking Allegra largely depends on your individual health situation – but come on don’t be this face here –> 😐

Keep in mind though…drinking just one beer probably won’t kill ya (unless …ah forget it) but repeated combination for ahem…. extended periods (cough college years) could cause serious long-term health problems

So keep those moderation glasses full my friend…drunk ninja moves might seem fun now, but they’re definitely not worth risking your overall health for.

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