Can you drink coffee on optavia?

Optavia is a popular weight loss program that provides you with meal replacements and coaching to help you achieve your desired body shape. If you’re already following the Optavia plan, but wondering whether having your favorite cup of coffee is allowed or not, then keep reading.

Coffee can be an essential part of some people’s morning routine; it helps them wake up and start their day. But, if you want to sip on a steaming cup of Joe while on Optavia, there are a few things that you need to know.

Understanding The Optavia Program

Before diving straight into discussing whether coffee consumption is permitted in the Optavia regime or not, let’s first gain an understanding of what exactly the program entails:

Optavia aims at improving your overall health by replacing most conventional foods with its weight loss products: bars, shakes and snacks known as “fuelings” as well as one daily ‘Lean & Green’ meal. This ensures reduced caloric intake without compromising nutrition levels.

The diet’s main focus is learning healthy habits around food – “lifelong transformation” – through group support sessions facilitated by Zealous Nutrition Support (ZNS) coaches thereby managing emotional eating triggers whilst building long-term lifestyle changes for sustainable success rates.

Sounds like an excellent plan right! But here comes the real question- can we drink our beloved caffeine fix- COFFEE!

Is Coffee Allowed On The Plan?

Fortunately, coffee remains permissible under this diet plan. {However/Yet}, some guidelines must be followed to ensure optimal results.

  • Coffee should preferably be black.
  • Adding sugar-laden syrups or whipped cream will negatively impact progress due to their excess calories.
  • Creamers are generally discouraged since they may contain hidden carbohydrates which spiral blood glucose levels out of balance setting off cravings.

On-the-go options such as instant coffees tend to have more calories from fats (some which are likely hidden carbs) so they aren’t the best option to complement the Optavia desire for fat release.

As a coffee enthusiast, if you can’t live with only black coffee or feel it too intense,”up close and personal”, then steer towards plant milk alternatives like soy, coconut, almond, etc remember moderation is key along with tracking accurate serving sizes of all components.

Alternatives To Traditional Coffee Creamer

If giving up your favorite brand of creamer may seem difficult; here some alternative options below that will still taste great while supporting progress:

  1. Almond Milk: Unsweetened vanilla flavored non-dairy milk creates a creamy consistency without any type of artificial flavorings – that work well in hot & cold coffees.

  2. Coconut oil: Adding a small amount of coconut oil(enough to get desired color) enhances satiety – hunger kept at bay by burning stored fat protein keeps us feeling full).

  3. Cinnamon Sprinkle on top or blend into beverage containing natural antioxidants and has appetite-suppressing properties.

Other Factors That May Affect Optavia Results

While it’s excellent news for caffeine lovers who’re following the program guidelines that coffee is allowed;) , there are other lifestyle factors worth considering alongside this factor affecting success rates, namely –


Regular exercise routine helps fuel muscular performance and supports optimal body composition changes complimented by an individualized Body Composition Plan(BCP). It assists in stabilizing mood swings trigger levels whilst helping convert available macronutrients into lean muscle mass(LMM), thus enabling body mass reduction faster as opposed to diet alone relying solely on consuming fewer calories than basal metabolic rate(BMR)


Numerous studies have linked insufficient sleep hours to reduced productivity and aggressive cravings such as binge eating wherein the temptation arises from processed foods loaded with sugars and unhealthy fats. We also need to watch out whenever we feel fatigued during waking hours, as it dictates our energy expenditure.


Dehydration can harm your performance in all aspects of life. When you are lower than required H2O levels, brain function and brain fog occur with to lapse in smart food choices whilst potentially increasing urge to eat frivolous snacks.. This makes it challenging for those hoping{first person warning} for optimal results under the program. Make sure {currently pinning points should not be used) adequate amount >[1-3] qts/day.


So folks, there’s no need to give up coffee while following Optavia. However, this must be kept moderate (ideally black ) and served always tracked along with other nutrients like Lean&Green Meal – leaving room within daily caloric allocation(<900kcal typically), remember? Be mindful of selecting choices that stay true to the guidelines protecting your sense of emotional fulfillment will keep you accountable consistently even after reaching desired goal size/shape.