Can you drink alcohol when breastfeeding nhs?

If there’s one thing nursing mothers want more than food, it’s to enjoy a nice glass of wine or beer. Unfortunately, with the arrival of a baby comes many restrictions –– including giving up all kinds of food and drinks you once enjoyed.

Alcohol is definitely one such beverage that quickly comes into question after childbirth. And for most people, abstaining from alcohol isn’t even an option.

It’s understandable why this question is on your mind –– being around your infant 24/7 means making careful choices about what goes in your body as it can pass through breast milk directly to your newborn child!

So, let’s make sure everything’s clear by getting answers straight from the horse’s mouth: can you drink alcohol when breastfeeding nhs?

What Is Alcohol Metabolism In The Body?

Before delving deeper to answer if drinking whilst breastfeeding is safe or not; we should first take a deep dive at what actually happens in our body when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol metabolizes only in small amounts via exhalation or urine (approximately %10). A maximum portion gets oxidized which builds up acetaldehyde thus resulting in headaches and vomiting.

Now that we understand alcohol metabolism let us further discuss why It may be crucial for nursing mothers:

Does drinking affect how much milk you produce?

Contrary to popular belief, moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks has no negative impact on milk production. While excessive boozing often leads to dehydration; hence impacts breastmilk supply adversely.

How Much Drinking Is Safe For Breastfeeding Mothers?

A general rule adhered widely regarding pregnancy & breastfeeding states abstinence completely from anything related alco-hol(i.e.,wine,sprit,distilled liquors)

But things aren’t straightforward as they seem! There are instances where proponents claim light indulgence isn’t going to pose any significant hazards. A moderate intake, depending on alcohol concentration in the beverage, may lead to around 0.3% of alcohol transfer via breast milk.

Can it Harm The Infant ?

Alcohol consumption can have noticeable effects on your infant- for instance:

Sleepiness and restlessness

Because Alcohol has a sedative effect on infants, they will likely show signs of drowsiness as It accumulates throughout human milk feeding.

Reduced Milk Intake

Prolactin hormone(Hormone responsible for synthesizing nutritionists thick)-levels reduce significantly with consuming alcoholic beverages indirectly leading towards reduced lactation

Delayed Developmental Milestone

In the long run, if you keep drinking over a prolonged duration this potentially can lead towards delayed cognitive development milestones(Speech,movement & overall coordination)

#### Risk Of Malformation During Pregnancy
It raises concerning health issues since prenatal exposure increases risks for malformations(Congenital heart issues & Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome or FAS). Thus even during breastfeeding phase one should stay abstemious

### Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers Who Want To Drink

Now that we’ve established some ground rules, let us see how nursing mothers can drink moderately without affecting their health and breastfeeding journey:

Plan ahead:

Plan when you want to drink in proximity with your baby’s feedings so that there’s ample time for dissipation before feeding again.
And besides plan who’s going to be taking care of the newborn while away/having babies around is not safe would require extra precautions accordingly.)

Choose low-alcoholic-content drinks always:

Choosing mild drinks like beer with an ABV percent lower than 5%, red-wine diluted with water; would both decrease risks associated whilst letting you indulge moderately.

Moderate Consumption Only:

Often people make the mistake of thinking “a little bit won’t do harm” well it puts no danger primarily but shouldn’t convert into practice frequently

Utilize Milk Prepumps:

Either purchase or rent a high-end milk pump machine to be useful during the lactation journey. Pumping and storing ample breastmilk while away would keep your newborn nourished without any hassle.


While it may seem quite tempting to indulge in alcoholic delights, nursing mothers need to exercise caution while drinking alcohol throughout breastfeeding without disturbing their body’s functions that are responsible for maintaining a healthy supply of milk for the infant.

Remember moderation is always key when It comes to having fun night-outs with friends & family whilst preserving its delicate effect on both mother & infant’s health intact!