Can you drink after wisdom tooth extraction?

So, you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed and now you’re itchin’ to quench that thirst. But before ya reach for that bottle of tequila or chug down a pint o’ beer, hold yer horses! Ya gotta be careful about what kind of liquids ya consume while recoverin’ from this procedure.

Don’t fret though, cuz we got all the info and answers you need right in here. So sit back with some ice cream (yes, please!) as we dive into the world of post-wisdom tooth extraction beverage consumption.

What Happens When Ya Get Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?

Before we talk about sippin’ on some libations after getting those bad boys extracted, let’s first understand what happens when a dentist removes them pesky teeth at the back of your mouth. Here is a quick rundown:

Step 1: Preparation
The patient receives anesthesia to ensure they don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

Step 2: The Extraction Itself
Using specialized tools such as an elevator and forceps dental professionals will remove one or more teeth.

Step 3: Post-Extraction Instructions
Afterwards patients are given guidelines on how to take care of their mouths following their surgery including information related to diet restrictions etcetera

That last step is crucial when thinking about whether it’s safe for us folks to drink alcohol after having our wisdom teeth taken out. Let’s explore why…

Why Should Ya Be Careful Drinkin’ Alcoholic Beverages After Removal?

Listen up! This ain’t no joke because there can be serious complications if alcoholic drinks are consumed too soon after wisdom tooth extraction (so steer clear until you have healed)..

Ya see…alcohol can interfere with normal blood clotting functions which might cause sockets left behind by the removal to start bleeding. And trust us, that ain’t pretty or pain-free.

So, it’s just best to stay sober for a limited time after the wisdom teeth extraction (perhaps 48 hours?).

But some of y’all like livin’ on the edge with reckless abandon and may still choose to drink anyway. So let’s consider what drunkards should watch out for:

What Happens If Ya Decide To Drink Alcohol Before It’s Safe?

First things first, ya need to understand that there are different types of alcoholic beverages – wine? Beer? Spirits? The type you guzzle will play a part in how well your mouth reacts so keep this in mind…

Take note of the alcohol content too! Consuming stronger drinks could significantly impair post-extraction recovery by controlling adverse dehydration effects which can worsen inflammation and delay healing (OUCH!)

Plus: who knows where all those germs hangin’ around could end up going if you get sidetracked from your healing path!

Here are some side effects ya might experience if liquors meet surgery too early:

Risk #1: Dry Sockets

Booze accelerates healing process inhibiting dry spots/foster growth (aka fibrin clot), which as discussed earlier is crucial following oral surgeries.

Risk #2: Increased Pain

Because you didn’t wait long enough before resuming alcohol consumption after extraction.

Risk #3: Bleeding

Alcohol thins blood meaning large amounts drank within 24 hours recovery often result in persistent bleeding recurrences.

And let’s be honest here; do ya really wanna deal with another round of surge in pain an’ distress brought about by not allowing yer gums to heal properly!? Avoid drinking at least until initial recovery symptoms disappear!

When Is It Okay To Start Drinking Again?

Post-surgery cravings huh‽ Here comes good news: Yer thirsts can finally be quenched once again but keep in mind that it’s important to follow instructions given by the dental professional (there’s a reason they went those years of school!)

Here is when you can safely start back on your attempted path towards self destruction (just kiddin’):

Step 1: Get Clearance From Your Dentist

Specially if prescribed any medications (painkillers etcetera)

Step 2: Wait for at Least Two To Three Days

Keep hydrating well with water, not tea or coffee until then. This step and all above should be followed out stringently.

Step3: Start Slowly

Once y’all pass that initial period, shoot for simple drinks like wine spritzers so yer mouth can fully adjust before delvin’ into darker waters.

What Drinks Should Ya Avoid Even after Recovery?

Hark hark! No pun intended- thy wisdom tooth extraction saga doesn’t just end here… Once ye think ye’ve made it past the initial brutal stage, there are still some drinks ya gotta be mindful about long term. Caffeine-infused beverages such as sodas which dehydrate/ cause dryness an’ inflammation also hot ufar-ermented drinks such kombucha may irritate newly formed oral tissue have no place here am I right!?

Additionally acidic juices could prove irksome…..It’s best t’all choose healthier stuff anyways!

So stick to lots o’ water and healthy inclusive products ta keep them teeth fresh n strong for longer hmm? Or liquor if needed because let’s face it anyway anyone who worked through a wisdom tooth extraction deserves something stronger than La Croix. Right?

Anyways cheers!

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