Can you do lice treatment 2 days in a row?

So, you discovered lice on your scalp a couple of days ago and have been patiently counting down the hours to get rid of them. Your head has been itching like crazy, and you can’t wait to be free of these pesky parasites.

You’ve followed all the instructions from your lice treatment kit but are wondering if it’s safe or effective to use it two days in a row. After all, these bugs seem pretty tenacious, so using the same product twice might work better than following the standard guidelines.

In this article we will shed light on whether doing lice treatment two days in a row is a good idea or not.

Understanding Head Lice

Before we dive into answering your question about treating lice two days in a row, let’s understand what they are exactly:

  • Head lice are small parasitic insects that feed on blood through our scalp.
  • They lay their eggs close to where they live: human hair shafts.
  • If left untreated, an infestation can become severe and lead to secondary infections.

While head-to-head contact most commonly causes head lice transmission between humans – sharing pillows, hats also contributes significantly. So always watch out for such settings!

Why Some People opt for Two-Day Treatment

Some people believe that using a lice treatment kit repeatedly within short time breaks is more effective because new bugs may hatch from residual eggs after one application. Although this reason sounds logical, it raises questions: why doesn’t the instruction indicate usage multiple times?

Indeed there are some factors behind repeated applications being ineffective which learned us believed aren’t worth another try (table 1) .

Reasons To Not Opt For Repeating The Process
Resistance Of Bugs

Famous lice-removal products usually instruct the user to apply it initially, rinse, and repeat in a week. The efficacy of this program has been studied and verified through clinical trials.

The fact is that repeated use can increase the risk of scalp irritation or chemical burns from some ingredients used in over-the-counter treatments if you don’t have other usage directions (table 2) .

Ingredients To Look For And Avoid

If you’re not sure how often to treat your lice infestation, talk to your healthcare practitioner about safe treatment options. They can help establish an effective schedule for addressing head lice while minimizing possible side effects and avoiding unnecessary treatment steps.

A professional exterminator may also be helpful when standard strategies aren’t working well enough. They are more likely to determine what product would work best based on the prevalence of these bugs in our area as using strong chemicals requires expertise.

Providing Additional Care for Your Scalp

It’s critical that you follow instructions provided by manufacturers’ strictly. You need patience too (yes, again) since clumps forming or waiting two days before repeating might appeal, but do them no good!

Fortunately – or unfortunately – head lice don’t live so long once they leave our scalp? Therefore focusing on getting rid of those still around should be our aim.

Below-listed Points Provide The Required Dos:

1) Comb each section thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb after every store-bought remedy application.
2) Divide treated hair into smaller sections using clips for better coverage.
3) Clean all combs/brushes used by boiling them.
4) Wash clothing/sheets/pillowcases- This time with hot water and detergent/essential laundry de-bugger.
5) No sharing items amongst infected – this means no hats, scarves or towels

In essence, treating lice every two days isn’t a good idea as it can cause scalp damage and overall decrease the efficacy of standard remedies.

But hey! If your hair does feel dirtier after all that washing or you develop an annoying rash due to chemicals- there’s always professional help available. Meanwhile, stick to tried-and-tested preventive measures!

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