Can you cough from allergies?

Ah, the sneezes! The sniffles! The itchy-itchy nose! It’s allergy season once again, and along with it comes a host of uncomfortable symptoms. But wait, what about that annoying hacking cough you’ve been suffering from? Could this be related to your allergies as well? In this article (just kidding!), we’ll explore whether or not allergies can actually cause coughing.

Allergies: A Brief Overview

Before we dive into the main topic at hand, let’s take a quick look at what exactly an allergy is. Essentially, an allergy is when your immune system mistakes a harmless substance (like pollen or pet dander) for something dangerous and goes into overdrive trying to fight it off. This results in various unpleasant symptoms like congestion, runny nose, itchiness – all stuff people love dealing with!

Why do some People Cough During Allergy Season?

While congestion might be the most common symptom associated with allergies (aside from self-pity) , people shouldn’t overlook other unfortunate side effects of seasonal reactions; one of which being persistent coughing. True enough: especially during springtime & summer seasons!

There are several reasons why someone might develop a cough during allergy season:

1) Post-Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip, also known as upper airway chronic inflammation syndrome…wait no…an excessive accumulation of mucus secretions due to mucosal irritation brought by allergic factors that causes drips down the back of your throat when you are sleeping on fluffy pillows…erhm sorry about that… is when extra mucus produced in your sinuses drips down into your throat instead of being swallowed naturally it could happen to anyone really! As irritating as it sounds (and feels), post-nasal drip happens because allergens irritate your nasal passages and cause your body to produce more mucus – this can then lead to a cough as this abundant mucus keeps on dripping down (especially at night while you’re trying to sleep in peace). Like ants and mosquitos, looks like the allergens just want us all up during bedtime.

2) Airway Irritation

If allergens are making their way into your lungs, they might irritate the delicate lining of your airways. This can result in bronchial irritation, which will make you feel an unstoppable urge to hack away! When our bodies detect potential troublemakers like mold spores or pollen lurking within the beautiful air we breathe, it sends off an immediate immune response that involves stretching your sensitive bronchial tubes tighter than skinny jeans on a hot summer day (not that those exist; let’s be real!)

3) Asthma

We should not forget about our dear friend asthma. Asthma is a complex medical condition involving inflammation of the airways and narrowing them around lung elements that engage greater difficulty breathing & coughing. Allergic reactions are one cause of asthma symptoms flaring up – so if you have both allergies you’re one unlucky fella/or lady and asthma chances go up for you.

To sum it up…

So there you have it- although usually not severe enough by itself: A persistent cough could indeed be linked with allergies thanks to tricky little buggers known as common allergens. It may seem difficult trying to discern whether or not seasonal reactions are involved when someone is experiencing these symptoms since some other illnesses also cause similar effects but visiting healthcare professionals regularly could help clear things up!

Just keep in mind: sneeze , itching , runny nose- doesn’t always mean later antibiotics! Oh wait we were only talking allergies here…well it still applies!

And lastly remember:

“Life is too short; don’t cry everyday, enjoy allergy season!”

(Free tip from me to you: Start taking your meds before it’s too late wink)