Can you chew gum with expander?

Has your orthodontist just fitted you with an expander, and now you’re wondering if it’s safe to continue chewing gum? As a gum aficionado, this is a valid question that must be answered. Fret not, for we have done our research and come up with some fantastic answers.

What is an expander?

An orthodontic expander, also known as a palatal or dental arch widener is a device used by dentists to widen the upper jaw. It helps create more space in the mouth by gently pushing apart the two halves of your hard palate.

Orthodontic expanders are commonly prescribed when there isn’t enough space between teeth on both sides of your mouth or in instances where your upper jaw has stopped growing but needs expansion.

Can I chew gum with an expander?

Yes! You can still enjoy chews of sweetness while using an expander without causing any harm or trouble. Chewing gums won’t affect nor hinder appliance movement whatsoever – it merely prevents any excess saliva from accumulating around the brackets and attachments connected to the braces itself (which come honestly nobody wants).

However, we advise caution; several factors determine which type of chewing gums will fit harmoniously into this structural alignment adventure: tooth sensitivity problems may arise due to temperature sensitivity resulting from specific types of artificial sweeteners like sorbitol XYLITOL Ooh La La , requiring direct consultation from professionals mandatorily. A good alternative would be sugar-free gums that promote salivary flow while reducing acid production within minutes – one such as Orbit Wintermint Sugarfree Gum!

When choosing what kind of gums fits us entirely during these trying times (cliche anyone?), ensure they don’t stick too long inside our mouths interfering together—especially those pieces containing caramel ingredients that could quickly become lodged underneath expansiols (Maybe not a word, but sounds like one).

How to chew gum with an expander

Besides the type of chewing gum we choose, learning how to use it appropriately is crucial. Otherwise ‘Snap! Crackle! Pop!’ can happen real quick (Rice Krispies anyone?). Here are some key points to remember:

1. Chew slowly

The chances of getting trapped between your braces reduce when you take well-spaced bites while enjoying sweet chews (Again, that sounds made up…but fun!).

2. Don’t overdo it

Chewing gums for extended periods significantly increase your saliva production and could posses direct harm possibilities towards the appliance movements than intended, i.e., intolerances or sensitivities; thus keeping them short and sweet.

3. Choose sugar-free gum

Choose sugar-free Chewing gums as already mentioned since they promote adequate salivary flow within minutes, limiting acid disruption resulting in ultimate quality oral hygiene during this journey without including additional calories into our diets overtime because Happy Teeth equals Happy Life am I Right?

Can I still wear my elastics alongside chewing gum?

Yes..yes ..yes!!! You guessed right – NO issues at all (including exclamations)!! The jaw expanders’ primary function is achieved through gradual pressure variations (#Engineering)constantly working on-and-on regardless of whether you have something in your mouth or missing teeth even look better, hence donning those shaky bands are perfectly alright with us targeting minute inefficiencies dentally!.

However, people should maintain caution between any possible causatives related to elastic synchronization throughout daily life activities exercise dietary habits etcetera since dental care primarily concerns patient general wellbeing!

What if a piece of gum gets stuck under the expander?

Whoopsie even thought through all scales & graphs we ought not get here… LOL.
But,mishaps due to our greed are inevitable -Don’t worry that much!!!Extracting these delicacies from those crevices is quite an easy DIY process-simply using improvised circular or sideways motion together with a technique similar to dental floss cleaning simplifies the whole experience! (side note-Orthodontic Wax has been proven for temporary anchorage )remember,however please reach out to professionals if underdeveloped manual disengagements prove difficult!!!


Can you chew gum with an expander? Absolutely (DEFINITELY!). As long as you choose the right type of chewing gum and follow some basic guidelines such as avoiding caramelized gums, minimizing chew time, ensuring no loss of elasticity composure during active wear. You can still enjoy your favorite gum while getting a perfect smile.

Remember always: Keep it clean by brushing 2 times daily & being mindful of our foreign debris may cause interference like candy particles in food etc.(wishful thinking) These simple acts can ultimately become significant gateways to nutritional well-being.

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