Can you be allergic to snakes?

If you are an animal lover, it is highly likely that at some point or the other, you will come across a snake. Whether or not they resemble Nagini from Harry Potter, their slithery appearance can ooze out just about anyone. Some people might even develop hives just by thinking about them! So what if we told you that there is a possibility that one could be allergic to snakes? Yes, that’s right – welcome aboard this wild ride!

Can Snakes Cause Allergies?

We all know that coming in contact with poison ivy or peanuts can cause allergies, but how about your pet python? To answer this question simply; yes and no.

Doctors explain that while it may sound freakish for someone to suffer from an allergy because of reptiles such as lizards and snakes; these species used for research purposes have shown enough evidence linking them to hypersensitivity reactions (an abnormal immune response).

However, instances where regular interaction between humans and pets lead to allergy-causing venom occur once in blue moon situations. Consequently, individuals who possess such massive levels of phobia get themselves worked up without any reason at all.

Symptoms Of An Allergic Reaction

A significant topic under discussion needs elaboration on symptoms associated with an allergic reaction due to snakes’ exposure:

  1. Eye Irritation
  2. Nasal Congestion
  3. Watery Eyes
  4. Runny Nose 
  5. Itchy Mouth
    7.Anaphylaxis(Skin rash + Constricted Airways)

Most often than not an individual would experience symptoms which trigger past 30 minutes after being around a serpent allergen source: saliva samples or cleaning aquariums exposing its faecal matter particles into the inhaleable air-circulation region.

The additional factors exacerbating severity entail;

  • Age
  • Sex 
  • Environment
  • Genetics

Causes Of Snake Allergy

Looking at the science, please? The protein component of venom leads to complex chemotherapeutic allergic responses. It affects individuals in varying degrees.

The venom contains countless toxic compounds containing zootoxins materials for producing poisonous substances from animals and bacteria zooids (small microbes). Furthermore;  

  1. Polypeptides targeted the blood triglycerides components giving birth to various symptoms adversely impacting one’s health as said by Dr Dan Latner, an allergy specialist.
  2. Amino Acids disrupts immune response processing aiding disruption of peptides essential organ functions exacerbating breathing issues.
    3.Enzymes are worse because they manipulate proteins weakening enzymatic reactions which lead up a slippery slope towards entering shock.

Even though when vaccines target specific snake bites, other subtleties play a role here—notably seasonal changes since rashes vary with respect to changing climactic conditions existent in geographical areas ensuring anti-venom efficacy not permanent given time period lapse.

Diagnosis Of Snake Allergies

So what happens if you have had recent contact with snakes and started experiencing some symptoms? What should you do next?

An allergist who specialises precisely in situations involving rare events like snake allergies can provide effective means required diagnosing such complicated predicaments unfortunately unpreventable due to exposure likely incidentally happening throwing your body into overdrive!

Most importantly:

To ensure physicians gain concrete infallible ground on diverse profiles preventing unexpected outcomes acting smartly let’s divide diagnosis criteria phobias occur:

Skin prick test

Painful procedure entailing plunging device inserting cutaneous interpellation techniques under patient-supervised medical attention.This tests potential respiratory pathologies occurring during acute status quo-like VCD,AEBIP + Exercise Induced Bronchospasms;

Patch Testing

Quite a comfortable choice entails application methodology carrying only mild inconvenience causing subcutaneous tissue penetration possibility susceptible.

Patients given a preservative-containing allergen mixture of essential elements, snake toxins concurrently glued to competent bonding agents. Pertinent due diligence ensures waiting 48hrs after proper protocol treatment visual manifestations.

Blood Tests

The third known method for detecting antibodies which develop allergies towards serpents over immunocompromised challenges common in weakened immune systems’ instances – chemiluminescence immunoassays (CLIAs), radioallergosorbent testing(RASTs) being most commonly used assays present.

How To Manage A Snake Allergy?

So you have been officially diagnosed with a snake allergy; what is next? Is this the end of your dream pet snake in an aquarium?

In reality :

  1. Avoid exposure
    2.Preventive OTC antihistamines 
    3.Do contact slipups require precautious administering epinephrine immediately-infusions/ systemic steroids aiming at allergic reactions collapsing airways manifesting wheezing or shortness of breath low blood pressure causing heart rate acceleration drops leading upshock/in some situations death falls under urgency ensuring seasonal management alongside carbon monoxide inhaled reduction programmes come into place mitigating risks associated with casual polyurethane inhalation levels reported on a proprietary fashion vector.

Snakes breathe via inhaling oxygen through their trachea and exhale Carbon dioxide—the former significantly aiding patients managing symptoms as they limit environmental triggers disrupting natural breathing tendencies vital governing longer life expectancy rates when breathing treatments are followed vitally protecting responders from physiological damage sustained when severe developing hypoxemia symptomatology abbreviated oh so succinctly!.


Life has an abundance of surprises hidden inside its folds- just like that one can suffer from allergies because of snakes. The critical point here is, these occurrences do not typically happen unless and until extreme cases occur forcing your immune system to go off track!

It’s best if it avoided if possible, or the symptoms can be managed adequately in consultation with a physician. As we bid adieu to this bizarre concept, keep these allergies at bay and enjoy snake handling safely!

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