Can yerba mate cause anxiety?

Yerba mate is a drink with robust origins in South America. This beverage has not only established itself as an essential part of the people’s daily routine but also gained enormous popularity worldwide because of its countless health benefits.

However, some people have been concerned that yerba mate might cause anxiety due to its caffeine content. So, let’s dive into the topic and answer all your questions about yerba mate and its potential link to anxiety.

What is Yerba Mate?

Before diving deeper into this question, we cannot start without first explaining what yerba mate is – it would be rude. Yerba mate is an herbal tea made from dried leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis plant found in South America countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay or Argentina…

This concoction has been consumed traditionally for centuries by indigenous peoples of these said regions; however today it enjoys international recognition for properties such as caffeine release (yum!), increased cognitive function (bring on the brain waves!) improved digestion – among many other perks!

Is there Caffeine in Yerba Mate?

YES! There’s nothing like starting with a fact-caffeine seems to be ubiquitous therefore it follows that you will indeed find trace amounts in our beloved thirst quencher…but how much?

According to trusted sources , each cup could contain up to 60mg of caffeinated goodness (not linked): which may seem paltry when compared with coffee but still enough to give you that kick-start so crucial at times.

So if we’re talking purely chemistry-wise …anytime someone drinks a liquid infused with caffeine…some stimulating effect should theoretically happen right? Hmm (?)

The Relationship Between Caffeine and Anxiety

Caffeine has multiple effects on both physical & psychological levels: Increase focus …stay awake , alertness and finally a boosted mood. What’s not to like?

Hold onto your hats because here’s where things get tricky: consuming excess caffeine can lead to negative effects on our body and mind, and these include anxiety sigh.

Fun fact – decaf coffee isn’t necessarily totally void of caffeine. In fact, some varieties do have small amounts in them (who would’ve guessed?) Moreover those who are sensitive to it, still may find themselves feeling the unwanted symptoms if they so partake..

Okay okay…so we’ve established that there is a link between high doses of caffeine consumption and adverse effects such as anxiety but let’s look at whether yerba mate could be among them.

Key Yerba Mate Compounds

Yerba Mate has been shown over time-researchers haven’t taken naps-, just how powerful it can be thanks for its plethora of healthy constituents:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Theobromine
  3. Saponins & Flavonoids

We’re gonna focus now on Saponins – otherwise known as a group of plant-based chemicals believed by researchers to aid with such “internal” issues as inflammation or fatigue! That sounds promising …

Effects Of Yerba Mate Consumption on Anxiety

Researchers studied 54 adults during an experiment comparing the impact drinking yerba mate tea versus placebo had on their psychological state…Apparently both groups felt more energized following intake (?)

Although past research suggests possible links between excessive caffeine use w/ nervousness or agitation this particular study did not report any significant differences in symptoms!

In another comparative observation , researchers split participants into three categories:

-Non-Caffeinated Tea

-Yerba Maté Leaf Tablets

-Yerbe Maté Extract Supplements

Helpful note: the lowest dosage didn’t trigger any changes whereas supplements-orally ingesting botanical medications will always raise concerns-increase these potential side effects

No need to worry excessively about our fave yerba drink…or not?


Let’s wrap it up… Now we can confidently tell you that yerba mate is a healthy beverage; containing caffeine, which might lead to anxiety when consumed in excessive amounts.

However, according to the studies conducted so far, drinking yerba mate hasn’t proven to cause any noticeable increase in anxiety levels among its regular consumers. To avoid feeling uneasy while consuming this delicious drink – try moderate consumption and see how your body reacts.

Overall what did we learn here? Drinking Yerba Mate may be tastier than raw coffee therefore makes an equally effective pick-me-up w/ added benefits of aiding digestion + having more antioxidants- keeping us wired!! Sounds like a winner to us… So cheers!