Can we give potato to 6 month old baby?

Potatoes are one of the most versatile and delicious vegetables out there. They can be boiled, roasted, fried, mashed, baked – you name it! But when it comes to feeding potatoes to a six-month-old baby (not that they would remember anything), things get a bit tricky.

Here’s everything you need to know about giving potatoes to your little one:

What does science say?

According to doctors and pediatricians around the world (who coincidentally are also humans), solid foods should only be introduced when babies reach six months old. This is because before then their digestive system is still developing and not quite ready for more complex foods like potatoes.

Once babies hit the magic age of six months however (it’s really quite magical), they’re typically introduced gradually to new foods with purees being the perfect way as recommended by pediatricians; thus making life easier for mothers in general.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing solids between four and six months but here we will focus on recommendations based on WHO guidelines which states that at six month mark seems appropriate time for introduction of new food .

Are Potatoes safe for Babies?

Yes! As long as they are cooked properly and mashed or blended into smooth consistency so as not cause chocking hazzards . Raw potato skins aren’t suitable as young children struggle digesting them (as do some adults!) due its high fiber content leading eventually stomach discomfort & indigestion if eaten overly excessive quantities. For this reason steamed/baked/boiled/mashed options look ideal given less choking risks while enabeling healthy weight gain too .

It’s advisable always either steam boil or oven bake potatoes instead frying; due oil being avoided especially amongst infants since diet fatty foodstuff leads obesity prone physically late childhood stage causing future health issues inevitably irreversible (better safe than sorry)

Where possible we advice purchase organic potatos, as to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals that may result from the majority of commercial farming practices.

Nutrients Potatoes Provide

Despite potatoes often getting a bad rep for being high in carbohydrates and low on nutrition value , they actually offers amazing and beneficial healthy properties, making it ideal for infants!

Here are just some of the nutrients found in potatoes alongside quantity provided :

  • Fiber (2.6 grams)
  • Vitamin C (13 mg)
  • Iron (0.4 mg)
  • Potassium( 180mg)-(helps regulate levels electrolytes)
  • Protein(1g)

Potatoes are easily mashable which makes them an easy food group item easier absorbed by babies system , helping their little bodies grow big and strong!

Fun fact : Potato starch acts as prebiotic known promotes quick healing intestine cells and also aids intestinal flora development ensuring smooth digestion!

Are Sweet potatoes different?

Sweet potato can be mashed or pureed into lovely texture food appropriate for six-month-old baby – wait till roasted well enough so its cooked all way thorough then peel & give away portions properly blended . In terms of nutritional content there isn not much difference aside sweet peas offering beta-carotene significantly higher amount comparable common potatoes; vitamin A is still present but slightly lower.

Going forward when thinking about sweet potato considerations do substitute boiled white potatoes with roast sweet variety since avoids frying remains extremely helful .

Few Things To Keep In Mind

If feeding your toddler any new food it’s always recommended you do every bit gradually whilst checking thoroughly possible allergic reaction before soon proceeding proceeding further stages . You could potentially mix a small proportion blended pap/porridge milled wheat/almond extracts/plus add butter/saffron/vanilla extract to provide taste while giving the desire adjusting without overwhelming taste-buds initially altogether .

Avoid adding salt sugar spice or honey at this stage; Such diet additives are naturally unhealthy for infants given their health stage ; too much salt can lead to kidney problems , whilst honey (included even in small amounts) increases risk botulism among young toddlers .

It’s also important to ensure food is the right consistencey from soft purees transitioning gradually onto lumps as baby face different textures foods.


In conclusion Potatoes are not only safe but recommended and vastly suggested as solid introduction item. They provide highly needed nutrients like fiber, potassium, protein alongside vitamin C and iron required for healthy growth especially amongst growing babies . As a bonus was discovered that prebiotic natural properties adds value intestinal digestive benefits aside overall boosting immunity!

So with that being said (and I’m sure it has been said quite satisfactorily) go ahead roast/steam or boil some potatoes, mash them up nicely and make a delicious and nutritious treat of your loved one! Happy feeding !😊

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