Can vicks help with chest congestion?

Ah, chest congestion. That feeling of having a blockage in your chest that won’t let you breathe properly. We’ve all been there at one point or another, whether it’s due to allergies, the flu, or just plain old bad luck. Thankfully, there are many remedies out there that can help alleviate the symptoms of chest congestion.

One such remedy is Vicks Vaporub- that little jar of magic everyone keeps stashed away in their medicine cabinet (or on their bedside table). But can it really help with chest congestion? Let’s find out!

What is Chest Congestion?

Before we get into how Vicks works as a remedy for relieving chest congestion – let’s first understand what exactly chest congestion is and how it happens in our bodies.

Chest congestion occurs when mucus builds up in the airways leading to your lungs. This build-up creates obstructions to airflow through a combination of decreased compliance (lack of flexibility) within bronchial tubes as well as increased resistance during expiration due primarily from inflammation / swelling surrounding alveoli (air sacs) and tiny bronchioles which expand and contract before entering each alveolus.

This increased pressure causes tightness across one’s entire thorax region including shoulders because diaphragm contracts more forcefully than usual against expanded lung tissue making breathing feel much more labored than normal breath

What Causes Chest Congestion?

Moving forward – Here are some common causes for developing chest congestions:

  • Cold weather
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia

Caution: Don’t forget getting stuck by Cupid’s arrow

But now comes the crucial part – How do you clear this congested cluster up?

Vick’s Vaporub has typically been used to help relieve coughing and congestion in the chest, but does it actually work?

The Composition of Vicks Vaporub

Vick’s contains a combination of active ingredients that are known for their ability to reduce inflammation and provide temporary relief from pain. One such ingredient is menthol, which can act as a natural decongestant by breaking up mucus in the airways.

Other ingredients include eucalyptus oil- helps loosen phlegm and makes breathing easier-, camphor – an agent that increases blood flow to affected areas- & turpentine oil with antimicrobial properties. Together these make up Vick’s so-called “secret sauce”, the perfect relief recipe when you’re feeling congested or have some minor joint pains (another reason why our grandmas always swore by it).

How Vicks Can Help With Chest Congestion

Since its invention 120 years ago, there has been little scientific research on how exactly viks works in reducing chest congestion – mainly because many believe it simply brings about symptom relief rather than battling a root problem

But still once applied Vick’s vapor rub will instantly start creating effects like –

Producing coolness

Due to menthol being one of main components present inside this ointment -This results create experience similar to cold compresses which trick your nerves into sensing coolness occurring over area around where melted tops layer off (commonly placed just above sternum)

Opening nasal passage

The warm sensation caused by olive oil tentatively opens nostrils helping free passage air-drags out mucus gunk lurking within passing respiratory tract way

Relieving Painchest

Pain radiating from inflamed region usually accompanies other symptoms providing necessary regeneration before body returns normal limits

Tip: Apply at night time after rubbing onto sternum thoroughly cuz’ this magic will gradually kick into action making sure you sleep tight throughout

Does all that sound good to you? Sure does! Now the real question- How on earth do we practically use this Vicks Vaporub treatment?

How to Properly Use Vicks Vaporub

Let’s highlight what exactly are the steps involved in improvising yourself with Vick’s help against chest congestions by both single application and multiple applications –

STEP 1 :

For stimulating relief within short term

  • Slathering large amounts of vic onto sternum as it directly contacts lungs via bronchial system is more effective than applying under nose/head area.
  • Gently massage & then breathe naturally preferably taking deep breaths for maximum sense of sensation.

STEP 2 :

For long term improvement:

After completing initial stage, continue improving cycle of congestion symptoms day by day.

Note: Make sure not apply too much that a greasy mark remains for hours leaving unappealing stains over attire.

Pro Tip: Apply before bedtime and wear breathable clothing while sleeping so that humidity isn’t trapped inside fabric resulting in increased recovery speed.

There you have it folks – Vik’s vapor rub can be your next go-to when dealing with chest colds or cough where airway blockage problem presents itself. By minimizing inflammation and breaking down mucus within respiratory tract, it provides sufficient comfort allowing your body enough time to build strength confront all other immunological challenges.

The most important thing is knowing how best take advantage timing benefits offered through its usage route once experiencing signs malaise (or nasal) symptomatology appear making sure maintenance cycle stays consistent until fully recovered 😊

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