Can trichomoniasis go away on its own in females?

Trichomoniasis, the unloved STD that no one wants to talk about – well guess what? Today we’re going there! And the question on everyone’s mind is ‘can trichomoniasis go away on its own in females?’

If you’re reading this article then chances are high that you’ve either contracted it or know someone who has. So buckle up and let’s dive deep into the world of trichos!

What is trichomoniasis?

First things first, let’s get acquainted with our frenemy – trichomoniaisis. She (yes, I’m assigning a gender to an infection) is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a single cell parasite called TricHOMONas vaginalis (TV) found in semen and vaginal fluids.

This sassy lady can cause inflammation of vagina & vulva leading to itchiness/discomfort during sex/urination/vaginal discharge etc.. Whether male or female or any other gender identity whatsoever- anyone indulging in unprotected sexual acts with infected partners can contract trico- so if you didn’t want news flash like these while going raw again ..

How does it spread?

You might be thinking “so all my troubles started after one wild night… did I really catch an std?” Ooooh honey, it doesn’t have to take just one time. You may have engaged in activities such as oral sex without protection (cough cough) where contact occurs between mouth-vagina/penis-anus transmitting TV which may lead to symptoms within 5 -28 days post exposure.

But wait for whole lot more fun , both genders who carry contaminated bodily fluids experiencing no symptoms could transmit this virus unknowingly giving their partner one exciting souvenir . Hmm…..interesting huh?


So, here’s the deal- you won’t even realize that you have trichomoniasis until symptoms appear or in some cases till it has been left untreated for a long time. So don’t be necessarily embarrassed if you’ve got it! Visit a doctor, get tested – this infection is easily curable.

Slaying The Beast

So can TV go away on its own? Ahahahaha no honey, she doesn’t care enough about us to just leave our bods peacefully. She’ll stick around causing discomfort and passing herself amongst unsuspecting fellow citizens.

As previously mentioned, the good news is that trichomoniasis diagnosis often ends with just one magical word: antibiotics. That’s right girls and boys; your friendly neighborhood medical practitioner has a cure waiting for you!

The most common drugs used are metronidazole (Flagyl) and tinidazole (Tindamax), both available as pills which are extremely effective at eliminating TV from your body along with any other nasty infections (aka side effects) including stomach upsets/nausea etc… oh aren’t we lucky?

Here ar ethe other useful snippets of information:

A single dose or several?

Usually one high dose followed by smaller doses prescribed over the course of seven days does the trick well especially among women but slightly behind their stronger sex(male ) counter parts who might require additional dosage spanning up to two weeks .

Alcohol + Antibiotics = ?

Ah yes! Million dollar question freshorinos! Drinking while taking Flagyl/Tindamax may lead to vomiting/headaches/flashing red skin-like reactions worsening certain heart & liver conditions so booze-consumption during treatment should be avoided like gluten-free chocolate .


Trickster Tricho wants to Stick Around wink wink, adding stress in life particularly sexual relationships. But thanks to modern medicine, we can bid adieu to her and any other unwelcomed visitors. And do not forget protection brethren!

Always use protection during sexual activity, communicate with your partner(s) about their status, and get tested regularly for STIs no matter what frequency of sexual activities take place. Stay safe y’all!

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