Can thyroid start working again?

Ah, the good ol’ butterfly-shaped gland in our neck that regulates energy and metabolism in our bodies- the thyroid. We don’t think much about it as long as it’s doing its job right.

But what if your metabolism goes haywire all of a sudden? You feel sluggish, tired all day long, and are gaining weight despite having no cake intake. To add injury to insult, your skin is getting dry and scaly while your hair starts falling off at an alarming rate!

Well then my friend, you just might be experiencing hypothyroidism!

Hypothyroidism- The villain we didn’t know

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common hormonal imbalances out there. It occurs when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones required for smooth bodily functions. Causes can vary from autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s to iodine deficiency.

The symptoms include fatigue, depression or anxiety, feeling chilly, muscle weakness, constipation among others.
So how do you know if your thyroid has gone into hibernation mode? A simple blood test measuring TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels should reveal it all.

“Doctor says I have an underactive Thyroid! What now?”

If you’re facing hypothyroidism woes presently or had been diagnosed previously with one, there’s always hope!
Despite being a chronic disorder (yes dear reader) ,hypothyroidism can certainly improve over time given proper care and adequate medication .

Medication includes synthetic thyroxine which replaces the missing hormone in our body .Over time,you will have periodic checkups by physician or endocrinologist so they may adjust medicinal needs accordingly ensuring optimum health.

It is imperative that once diagnosed with Hypothyroidism; timely action must be taken on recovering back to normal health state instead of lazing around for fate alone to act upon.

There is also a possibility of both overdoing it with the medication as well as underplaying its dosages. Thus, regular consultations with your physician and appropriate adjustment in dosage to ensure optimum effectors is mandatory!

So yes, dear reader, it’s possible for Thyroid function to improve or even completely recover back to normalcy with right steps followed!

Some ways thyroid gland can get back on duty

How you ask? Here are some proven methods that aid seamless recovery from hypothyroidism.

1. Adequate Medication

As mentioned before, synthetic thyroxine serves as an exact replacement of secretion by real Thyroid cells.Time should be focused upon the consistency and recommended therapy throughout one’s lifetime periodically tweaking dose amounts till results show.

2.Eating right

For any bodily ailment, eating healthy at proper intervals goes without saying! Consumption of Iodine rich food such sea veggies,oysters ,cow milk etc actively triggering metabolic functions alongside keeping ones dietary pattern intact from processed foods constitutes recovery process further ahead.Also habits like early dinner timings leading up towards bedtimes will help reduce memory loss linked towards Hypothyroidism.


Regular physical activity routines stimulating metabolism processes quite impacting against weight issues arisen due to hypothyroidism . Yoga practices or light workouts engage muscle energy leading up towards fatigue which then correspondingly helps alleviate lethargy urges confirmed due to this hormonal imbalance!

In contrast- vigorous exercises must be refrained so intense energy depletion regions promoting exhaustion.Balance in exercise regime must always be maintained.

These lifestyle changes may seem tedious at first,but surely when being implemented effectively (and consistently too) these methodologies complementing each other provide improved outcomes leaving persons feeling better overall.Healthier diet optimizations rise during nutritional inadequacies while building stamina inducing muscular engagement shows effective reduction in feelings low morale observed initially.

It may sound clichéd you know, but the adage ‘health is wealth’ cannot be certified enough.Diligently combating Hypothyroidism in dynamic aspects alongside choosing appropriate medicinal and lifestyle interventions to complement ones progress goes a long way!

4. Natural Supplementation

Certain vitamins aid thyroid functions.Such include Selenium ,Iodine,Vitamin D & Iron among others.
Their correct doses can work magic when it comes to treating hypothyroidism .Always consult an endocrinologist before incorporating supplements into one’s diet.

5. De-stress

Stress worsening hypertension chains impairment of hormonal productions concerning Thyroid.Normalizing stress through mindfulness or practicing indulgent hobbies further prevent complications seen with this disease highlighting again how integral a healing balance mantras carry for thriving bodily disposition!


As mentioned earlier, Hypothyroidism can hit us at any point ; given our fast-paced lifestyles,hitting up unnecessary stimulations we all go through daily- there’s always that probability !
But staying alert and doing abovementioned measures would only mean (Superhero costumes welcomed!),giving your body back the justice it deserves!
A bit difficult at first,staying consistent with proper nutrition,routines & timely medication (alongside healthy amounts of humor sprinkled throughout) establish prevalent health patterns leading towards avoidance of future pitfalls in life ahead!

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