Can the day after pill fail?

If there’s one thing that humans have learned to never underestimate, it’s chaos. Chaos exists all around us – in the stock market, in politics, and most importantly – in our human reproductive systems. Sometimes despite our best efforts, surprises happen!
That’s where emergency contraception comes into play – also colloquially known as ‘the morning-after pill’ or ‘Plan B’.

You might be thinking: ‘Wait a minute, doesn’t taking plan b prevent pregnancy?’
Well dear reader- you are correct! Emergency contraception serves two purposes:
1. To prevent ovulation (egg release)
2. To thicken cervical mucus making it harder for sperm to reach an egg

But hold your horses young Skywalker!!! There is still a chance of failure

Failure from taking an expired pill!

Like any medicament given by prescription or over-the-counter(OTC), contraceptive pills may come with expiry dates on their packaging.

Why do contraceptives expire?

Drugs generally undergo stability testing before approval which evaluates factors like potency(potential efficacy) and toxicity(safety). The expiration date assigned indicates when half of the drug’s initial potency will remain IF stored under proper conditions.
Expiration guarantees reduced risk; drugs start deteriorating after their original form over time leading to therapeutic failure at worst.

Expired medication alters its chemical composition ,affecting efficiency.(Lost ingredients such as antibiotics can increase antibiotic resistance)

We advise people who take contraceptive pills that have passed their expiration date to renew them before use because losing effectiveness increases chances of unwanted pregnancy.

Interactions between medications

Certain Medications make it less effective than expected.

For instance ways prescribed for seizures some antifungal agents methadone used for withdrawal symptoms medicines preventing nausea during chemotherapy HIV treatments containing ritonavir or cobicistat griseofulvin rifampicin, barbiturates, phenytoin carbamazepine oxcarbazepine topiramate primidone modafinil and etoricoxib can close to obliterating the effectiveness of these emergency contraceptive pills.

Always consult with a doctor if you’re taking medication or have a pre-existing condition before ingesting contraceptives!

Multiple doses required

Like most medicaments that one dose is enough for efficacy – this is true for most birth control pills but not Emergency Contraception.
ECPs increase the progesterone concentration in the womb which alters hormone levels enough to make sure an egg isn’t released by ovaries in time thus sperm cannot fertilize it.

How many pills need consuming?

The number of tablets varies depending on your choice. It may usually either involve two different pill types – levonorgestrel (Plan B) or ulipristal (Ella) taken within five days after sexual intercourse occurred.

For Levonorgestrel:
– Plan B One-Step: Take one tablet as soon as possible and another 12 hours later.
– My Way: Take one dosage ASAP within three days of coitus
– Aftera: Take one pill right away

But here’s where things get dicey…

Failure rates are higher if multiple drugs must be involved!

In clinical studies, up to 2% failed when both had to be used together because their stomach has already rejected absorbing half the medications needed so they miss out on complete potency.

Ovulation timing matters!

Did you know that there’s only a small window around ovulation when conception can occur? In order for pregnancy to happen, an egg has to meet sperm during this specific period – releasing hormones through phases altering vaginal turgoescence waiting for those little swimmers of life

When exactly ovulation occurs depends largely on individual menstrual cycle patterns – that’s why so many women use ovulation predictor kits when they’re trying to conceive.

Can the day-after pill cause an unintentional abortion?

Emergency contraceptives like Plan B do not induce abortion settings!!

They contain levonorgestrel, an ingredient in regular birth control pills. If the egg is already fertilized before a woman takes this medication, it won’t stop it from implanting.
Taking an ECP after embryo implantation may have no effect, because technically that means pregnancy has already taken place and cannot be reversed.

Too much weight, too little efficacy

I bet you didn’t see this one coming either! Have you ever heard somebody say: “Said fat absorbs medicine better”

As odd as said statement sounds It doesn’t completely miss out on all logic!

People with higher body mass index (BMI )may require & receive decreaseable new update emergency contraception potency over time taking longer durations of oral therapy putting them at risk for unwanted pregnancies during their fertile periods.

Future advancement in Contraceptives

There has been progress made by scientists towards expanding variety of contraceptives available thereby preventing unintended pregnancies globally.

Research carried out aims to find enhanced ways of administering and delivering morning-after pills via advanced technology such as 3D printers using biodegradable materials – this makes drugs more potent than previously manufactured forms ensuring rapid relief while avoiding secondary effects.

Despite dozens of contraceptive options that exist today there still seem elements both unpredictable or unreliable affecting some people unexpected outcomes almost impossible..

(But we love them anyway!)

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