Can tequila help a sore throat?

If you’ve ever felt the burning pain of a sore throat, then you know how miserable it can be. You try everything to ease the discomfort, from drinking hot tea with honey to gargling saltwater until your eyes water. But what if there was something else out there that could help? Enter tequila – that’s right, we said tequila.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading and find out whether or not this is just another old wives’ tale or if indeed tequila might be the answer.

The Science Behind Tequila

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant found largely in Mexico, which has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. When it comes to explaining its potential benefits on sore throats, however, things get complicated.

Firstly though, let’s talk about some general medical properties of alcohol- chiefly analgesic (painkiller) and numbing sensations when ingested in small amounts.

Although alcohol has been shown to have innate antiseptic properties which can conceivably fight off bacteria and viruses [1], excessive consumption should never be encouraged as research points towards severe immunosuppressive effects on patients where Corona virus is suspected.

Skipping back here quickly- various studies suggest even more positive health outcomes following moderate intake including reduced risk of heart disease as well [2] . Of course these subtle tidbits aside do not indicate isolated results proving effectiveness against any bacterial gut harboring in our inadequate lymphocyte-rich tonsils stuck at downstream side of flushed immune system – low baller cells!

So basically after all these ramblings straight up conclusion would give pro-teetering beneficiaries like ourselves completely incorrect information considering many factors go into strengthening body’s natural defenses apart from indulging in alcoholic beverages! At least leaving this article behind us will prevent researchers evaluating drunkenness/body weight ratio afterwards

Funnily enough, some Mexican grandmothers believe that drinking tequila can help with many ailments such as flu and colds; maybe after being overruled they moved onto sore throat treatment- who knows? But does it really work?

What the Experts Say

We’re sure you’re dying to know what experts have to say about using tequila for a sore throat. The answer is simple: there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support this claim.

Most of the studies on tequila’s medicinal properties have been carried out on animals or at a molecular level, so we can’t be sure if these effects translate to humans in the same way [3].

However! Anecdotally speaking- gargling whiskey/rum/brandy which all include alcohol higher than 40% might create temporary relief from streptococcus [4]- A bacterial culprit involved with causative factors leading up to infection

So why do people still swear by it? We think part of it has to do with how fun and trendy it is – imagine having an excuse to drink more tequila! There may also be some placebo effect at play here; if someone believes something will help them feel better, sometimes their body responds accordingly.

Whatever the case may be, drinking too much alcohol can actually make your symptoms worse or even contribute negatively while making you feel silly – especially during times when social distancing norms require acute sober sensibility!


Despite no supporting medical evidence available specifically in context of relieving painful symmetries induced by crying lymph follicles lining our esophagus like teenage heartthrob posters covering bedroom walls [5], anecdotal reports suggest moderate consumption coupled with warm water and salt mixed together might provide comfort albeit temporarily.

Just bear in mind that any remedy proposed here should never replace standard western medication prescribed by qualified physicians

Ultimately though we would recommend sticking tried-and-tested methods known for their effectiveness like gargling saltwater or honey, hot beverages (think tea infused with ginger and lemon) instead of relying solely on magical powers from elixir backed up by mariachi rhythms- it just seems a tad more quaint.

Lastly – If you must indulge though; always be responsible and check out the fine print before overindulging in tequila courage!


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5)-No seriously we empathize!

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