Can tears make you break out?

It’s a question that has been asked for generations – can the salt water in our tears cause us to break out? Is it true that crying too much can lead to acne and other skin issues? Well, we’re here to answer those questions once and for all.

What Are Tears Made Of?

First things first, let’s talk about what tears are actually made of. Contrary to popular belief, our tears aren’t just made up of salty liquid. In fact, they’re composed of three separate components:

  1. Basal Tear Film – this is the thin layer of fluid that constantly covers our eyes to keep them moisturized and lubricated.
  2. Reflex Tear – these are your body’s response to things like dust or onion fumes getting into your eyes.
  3. Emotional Tear – also known as psychic or crocodile tears.

So, when we cry emotional tears (which is what most people think of when they hear “tears”), we’re actually getting a mixture of these three types.

The Salt Content

There’s no denying it – there is salt in our tear ducts. However, it’s not typically enough on its own to trigger an outbreak of acne or other skin irritations.

That being said…the amount present in each tear definitely poses risk if you’re someone with sensitive skin! If your pores are easily irritated by excessive salt levels caused due increased exposure then you might end up breaking out after every intense crying bout!

If you found yourself developing pimples around areas where the salty droplets fell upon drying off regularly then using gentle skincare products could be an idea [1]!

Does Crying Affect Hormones That Could Increase Acne Production?

Hormonal changes have proven time and again how intricately related they were__c; No wonder acne was something most teenagers had to struggle with whilst being An emotional mess, it’s a double whammy! [2]If you could reduce the stress through some practices that suit your life and abilities then hey why not!

So, going back to hormones. When we cry, our bodies release stress hormones and other chemicals to help us feel better (which is probably why crying often has such a cathartic effect).

Unfortunately for some of us hormonal imbalances due to too much stress might lead to acne breakouts right after the body releases these chemicals!

How To Prevent Crying Induced Break-Outs?

Good news though is that there are plenty of steps you can take if you want to prevent tears from causing skin issues:

  1. Wear waterproof mascara – this will help prevent any excess salt water from getting into your eyes
  2. Take breaks during emotionally intense situations-Pause please & have an automatic break while in middle of shedding tears sounds awkward but works where possible so as ease off cortisol levels released when stressed
  3. Utilize gentle skincare products- Let go off abrasive exfoliators or harsh facial cleansing brushes , some individuals may aggravate their already sensitive skins upon using such tools [5]
  4. Avoid rubbing your face after crying
  5. Use eye drops throughout otherwise dry days. It’s healthy effective preventive measure!

Following above immediately helps avoid bouts of sudden pimples over night .

Can Tears Make You Break Out: Final Verdict

There’s no denying it – tears can pose risks for those suffering with sensitive skin prone to irritation! But don’t let fear keep you from letting yourself weep when moods get tough .

Just remember- wear waterproof mascara ,take breaks throughout intensely emotional periods if need be, utilize gentle facial cleansers/tools,avoid touching until wiped properly.

Once practiced regularly all pointed out measures mentioned definitely prevents unwanted breakout caused by comforting sobs!
Cry on my friends – cry on!



(If any)

Hormones abbreviated as “c”