Can t stop missing ex?

It’s tough to get over an ex, especially one who you loved deeply. We all have heard that time is the best healer, but what if it’s been years and you can’t stop missing your ex? It feels as though they possess a voodoo doll of our heart, turning it into mush every so often.

If you’re here, you’re probably encountering mixed feelings of frustration and melancholy. Being left wondering why things didn’t work out or whether getting back together could still be possible are common thoughts.

Fret not, my friend! You’re in good company because there are numerous individuals out there going through similar anguish over their previous relationships.

Perhaps this wasn’t supposed to be funny yet; however, we aim to find humor in the most unexpected moments.

In today’s read-through, we will share some helpful tips on overcoming those negative emotions that keep resurfacing when thinking about an old flame.


Firstly, accepting the fact that the relationship did not work out is a significant step towards moving forward. You must comprehend that sometimes certain individuals aren’t meant for each other no matter how hard either tries. The sooner acceptance begins setting in the quicker healing commences.

  • Allow yourself enough time

Time helps us heal wounds and learn from past experiences; hence taking self-momentum recovery steps without indulging others’ opinions or pressure is helpful.

Rediscover Your Passions

One way I recommend doing this is by picking up hobbies/activities you previously enjoyed before settling down with your ex-partner.
Endeavoring such activities restores self-confidence & esteem which may had taken a toll after weathering emotional struggles commonly experienced during breakups.

Being able to hone skills improves our mental faculties whilst producing accomplishments boosting confidence needed at times when new endeavors begin to surface alongside rediscovered passions.

Socialize/do something nice for someone else

Fear not of meeting new people, hanging out with friends or family who share similar interests. Sometimes, helping others in need can remind us that the world doesn’t entirely revolve around ourselves.

Undertake a voluntary charity mission- it produces numerous beneficial effects amongst them being self-worth validation which effortlessly trumpets past heartbreak memories.

Stop idealizing your Ex

Take your ex-partner off their pedestal, and start living in reality where we’re all human hence prone to mistakes. Focusing on those positive traits good times shared compared to negative aspects strains one’s emotional well-being despite how contrasting matters were near the end of the relationship.

Comparing any future partner’s attributes against an idealized image of an ex-halts progress whilst derailing growth opportunities crucial towards cultivating fulfillment.

  • Write down Negative Memories

In doing so uncovering destructive patterns contributing towards moments leading up to breakup would be helpful when striving for a better understanding through reflective thinking.

Seek closure

The notion exists that seeking closure is either pointless or possible only with direct confrontation; however several other options are available too:

Cutting ties

Blocking numbers & social media pointers will instantly eradicate reminders thereby preventing undesirable emotions from surging unnecessarily. Maintaining distance from toxic situations/events serves multi-dimensional impacts positively aggregating overall wellness metrics.

Seek professional help

Talking about pain caused by events such as breakups should never get deemed mundane; instead choose therapy sessions viewing it as an investment tailored solely on oneself’s healing journey improving eventual societal impact since everyone performing at healthy capacities aggregate desirable outcomes generating benefit across board.

These options drive powerful benefits yet still remain underutilized simply because admitting need for help perceive vulnerability impacting even masculine counterparts certainly -mental health isn’t gender-specific.

Last thoughts

Overcoming old baggage may seem tedious but push forward knowing every sunrise offers fresh possibilities constantly presenting themselves during re-discovery processes ultimately culminating into newfound courage, strength & resilience capable of manifesting one’s wildest desires.

In conclusion, whether wading through recent heartbreaks where wounds are fresh or carrying baggage from old relationships; ultimately such experiences can if proactively processed, provide opportunities serving as fuel driving persons towards becoming better versions than the previous.

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