Can t stop hiccuping for days?

You know that feeling when you just can’t stop hiccuping? Your body convulses uncontrollably, and it feels like you’re trying to swallow air while simultaneously inhaling a hairball. You keep doing it and doing it until finally, the hiccups go away…or do they?

If you’ve been stuck in this vicious cycle for days on end, fear not! We’ll dive into what hiccuping is, why we get them, and what the heck we can do to prevent these pesky spasms.

What Are Hiccups?

According to science (aka google), hiccups are diaphragm spasms caused by an involuntary contraction of our breathing muscles. This contraction causes a sudden inhalation of air which is then cut off quickly by the glottis. The result: that annoying sound we all love so much.

How Long Do They Last?

Typically hiccups only last a few minutes before resolving naturally; however sometimes we’re unlucky enough for them to continue for hours or even days on end.

Why Do We Get Them?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer as everyone’s body reacts differently—but from poking around some medical journals here’s a few reasons – maybe:

  • Eating spicy foods.
  • Eating too fast or overeating
  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Consuming hot/cold drinks rapidly
  • Anxiety/stress

Clearly eating too quickly must be avoided because who wants their food coming back up; drinking soda will give anyone bubbles in their belly but hey–what if those bubbles never went away?

Is such an irritating inconvenience worth enjoying cold sparkling refreshment or spices from your favourite dish?

What Home Remedies Can Help?

Ah yes— the age-old question- how can I make this faecal-looking lookalike dissolve into thin air already? Here are some home remedies we have found around the web (all taken at your own risk) that you can try without a prescription:

Drinking water

Drinking about 8–10 cups of warm, gently sipped water seems to help many people get rid of their hiccups as it will cause your diaphragm to tense up which may encourage it back into a normal routine.

Holding Your Breath or Breathing Upside Down

As may be familiar from childhood bravado – this method suggests holding our breath for 10 seconds before slowly exhaling. For those with stronger stomachs, there’s always ‘the upside-down’ approach– inhale deeply and hold for a few seconds before bending over backwards… did someone say free chiropractor?

Singing Method!

An interesting sounding concoction but worth giving it ago? If you’re not one who’s shy in public- singing loudly has been known to stop hitching since the phrenic and vagus nerves respond positively given too much attention must probably make them retreat into hiding. So the next time you’re out drinking beer on karaoke night…it could come in handy!

What Can A Doctor Do?

Do any of these tips seem more like torture than turning down music levels on “All I want for Christmas is You”? According to medical professionals, if these hacks fail then perhaps visiting an expert might kick-off other ways; they retain data tables outlining all manneristic reasons why hiccupping could happen and provide subsequent solutions depending on how prolonged it becomes.

In severe cases supplements, acupuncture treatments, throat stimulation numerous procedures involving medication aims would aid relief after suffering through days of repetitive expulsions.

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