Can sugar cause asthma?

Many people believe that sugar is the root cause of various health problems, from obesity to diabetes. But can it also cause asthma? As a curious mind and lover of sweets, I decided to investigate this question thoroughly.

Understanding Asthma

Before we delve into sugar’s potential involvement in causing asthma, let’s first understand what asthma is.

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that causes inflammation and narrowing of airways in the lungs. This results in difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest. It can be triggered by various factors such as allergies (dust mites!), pollution (YIKES), exercise (jogging), cold weather (a reason to stay indoors) or infections SCARY STUFF!.

The Link Between Sugar and Inflammation

Nowadays there seems to be gazillion studies discussing about how sugar consumption contributes towards higher rates of inflammation throughout your body(1 HORRIFIED FACE)! So if inflammation leads to exacerbations for many different conditions that go beyond pulmonary diseases such as Arthritis(Weird huh)– why not include those involving breathing too.Oh so could it be possible then that consuming too much sugar might trigger or worsen asthmatic symptoms, since the disease involves inflamed lung airways?

And violà! There are actually some recent studies exploring just that…

Research Findings About Sugar And Asthma

The evidence linking increased sugar intake with more severe or frequent asthmatic attacks remains somewhat limited-although they have had differing conclusions because well…it’s researchyyy!! Regardless though—I’ll break down what you need-to-know-right-now; lets start by looking at two biggest study trials:

Study Trial #1 – Higher Intake Leads To Worsened Symptoms

In 2016 – Juniper EMSG , Chastin SFM, and their team found that people with Asthma should watch out for sugar. Their research points towards excessive dietary sugar being associated with more airway hyper-responsiveness (an exaggerated tendency causing your lungs to constrict i.e the reason why many require an “puffer”) as well as poorer asthma control!So you might think twice before sneaking in another candy or drinking a second can of soda.

Study Trial #2 – Sugar Has No Connection With Symptoms

Not everything is black or white though—if you’re reading this, don’t need-to-put away all those candies just yet – Another study “The Australian Longitudinal Study On Women’s Health” found no link between fruit consumption during childhood & adolescence and an increased risk of adult-onset asthma development. Their studies actually suggests benefits from some fruits –specifically apples–it reduces likelihood by about 10 percent (Note: could be due to flavonoids=smallest compounds protecting against allergies)Hey Apples are healthy anyway, so add it on your grocery cart next time!

Limitations Of The Studies

As expected there were several limitations addressed in these trials such as Lifestyle confounders/Of course they included other factors like genetics,nutritional intake making direct cause-effect relatively difficult precisely.They also suggest that chemical structure of different types of sugars when taken directly vs naturally via food sources could make a difference.we only have limited true proofred evidence unfortunately.

High Insulin Vs Tongue Tests

Some believe high insulin levels can increase inflammation thus triggering asthmatic symptoms while others hypothesize fructose consumption alters hormone regulation which increases #NAG# inflammation etc.STILL Other research supports simply concentrating on conventional allergy testing including tongue pricks(not tasty!) since it helps identify things like pollen n’ ragweed—short term much more effective source to predict triggers compared to sugaaaa.

Vegetarians Do You Mind?!

Interestingly enough it seems like being a vegetarian might further increase the vulnerability of developing asthma triggered by high sugar consumption! So that misconception you had about how vegetarians were healthier and immune to everything doesn’t quite fit here I mean, aren’t they supposed to be healthier?; with fruit-and vegetable-based diets often result in higher intakes per capita than traditional meat-consuming cultures( let”s not discusssss-for now) .Researchers found that some plant-based meals contain additives or ingredients naturally containing sulfites (naturally occurring compounds that could spark off asthma symptoms),which is an important food trigger for asthmatic population.


Let’s round up-all-the-tangents(and trust me there were MANY) we talked about–although definitive research remains elusive on this topic, I’d say reducing sugar intake as part of a healthy diet would be quite beneficial overall. While consuming natural sugars present in fruits might actually help us reduce likelihood –consuming excessive added sugars surely only increases inflammation throughout body making conditions worse-so use self-control when reaching out for/adding extra helping. Asthma can get serious pretty quickly so identifying potential triggers is crucial and erring on side-of-caution—We cannot afford skipping our much avoided dust-mite hygiene routine.

Remember-looking after your health means careful clinical review alongwith professional guidance when required- Keep-a-watch all around you-you never know what potentially-life saving measures one could adopt.

Stay safeY’all Smile(always).