Can stress cause vomiting and diarrhea?

We’ve all been there – heart racing, mind spinning, stomach churning. Stress affects us in many ways, but can it cause vomiting and diarrhea? The short answer is yes, my dear readers. Buckle up as we explore this messy topic.

What is stress?

First things first: what exactly is stress? Simply put, it’s a state of mental or emotional strain caused by an adverse situation or our own thoughts and feelings. We all experience stress differently; some of us may sweat profusely while others tend to grind their teeth.

Can stress really make you sick?

Yes! When your body senses a threat (be it real or imagined), the sympathetic nervous system kicks into gear by releasing adrenaline. This hormone puts your body on high alert: muscles tense up, heart rate increases and blood pressure rises.

This can trigger a domino effect throughout the digestive system:

  1. Adrenaline reduces blood flow to the gut which slows down digestion
  2. Your liver releases extra glucose for energy
  3. Meanwhile in your intestines..Digestion struggles because enzymes aren’t flowing properly making you bloated
    4.Then anxiety causes diverticulosis.In layman’s terms Anxiety turns poop into bile

The result? Nausea,vomiting at times if too much acidity builds up from improper processing .Bowel movements become irregular leading feces straight out without absorption,because nothing got fully digested causing diarrhea explosively after eating .

All due to good old fashioned fight-or-flight response!

Other factors that contribute

Stress isn’t always solely responsible for upset tummies.Watch what you eat & drink aka intestinal irritants.This includes caffeine\alcohol \ junk food only adds fuel various fire .

Additionally,frequent use of antacids ,ibuprofen(acid reflux), or antibiotics can also harm digestion. Lead to drug induced mania -making you twice as loony and many bodily symptoms.

How to prevent stress-induced diarrhea/vomiting?

As with any illness, prevention is key!Reducing stressors will help reduce anxiety levels too .Try cutting down on caffeine\alcohol (sorry!), meditating, journaling or talking to a therapist about your worries .

Some other tips include:
– Get enough sleep
– Exercise regularly (lower intensity for better gut health sometimes)
-Try natural probiotics via fermented foods,Yogurt,Kefir,kombucha.Supplement capsules/powders


Stress might not be the only cause of vomiting and diarrhea but it’s certainly at top list especially in part because of its ingenuity.Everyone should try their best not add more stress among others..we all have unique battles taking place at every given moment.But do know there are methods out like these listed above. So next time your nerves start running wild, remind yourself that this may just make you both mentally and physically ill.This topic had been entertaining,but also want readers take away real advice.Good luck my fellow fighters!