Can spring water?

Water is one of the most important components for our survival. There are different kinds of water – tap water, filtered water, bottled water, and even spring-water. But have you ever asked yourself a mind-bending question; can spring-water itself ‘can’? Yes like a do-it-yourself canned food!

The Origin of Spring Water

Firstly let’s discuss where does this precious liquid come from in the first place? Spring is a term used to describe underground streams that flow naturally out from the ground onto its surface through an opening. Most springs originate from ‘aquifers’: natural underground reservoirs formed by porous rock or soil. Springs are classified according to their geology and properties such as temperature (e.g., hot springs), mineral composition (e.g., mineral springs), or medicinal uses (e.g., thermal-sulfide springs).

Now that we know about its origin let’s delve deeper into answering the age-old question.

What Exactly Does it Mean?

Before we attempt to answer whether it can be canned or not, let us make sure that everyone understands what exactly does ‘can’ mean in this context. To put things into perspective, merriam-webster dictionary defines ‘Can’ as “to preserve in a sealed container”. So when we say “Can spring water?”, what we really ask is if it’s possible to preserve/contain the said liquid at room temperature without any significant changes.

Why Canning Your Own Springwater can be Dangerous!

Are you thinking of preserving large amounts of springwater at home using your mom’s old-fashioned mason jars because..well why not? You may want to reconsider doing so- just like raw milk there are some serious safety concerns with regards to fountainheads sprinkling these natural wonders everywhere: bacteria living within fountains themselves will start growing in quantity once they reach levels higher than around 500/ml. Ingesting such water could result in illness and cause a slew of diseases related to contamination. Also, since we’re talking about living water, it’s not advisable to preserve the said liquid as bottling spring-water could deprive it of some essential minerals found within.

The Effectiveness Of Preserving Spring Water

If you were thinking of canning your own batch using those old mason jars just like gramma did – hold on everyone! Canning anything requires heating that’s able to reach high temperatures which fights bacteria & other harmful microorganisms from growing inside jar(s). Similarly when attempting to do so with any form of raw food it’s always suggested keeping certain safety-proof precautions against illnesses and pathogens while doing this endeavor.

At room temperature however there are no ways currently available that will allow long term/ short term storage whilst keeping minerals alive our lovely natural resource contains due its living nature (that moist earthy smell is one giveaway sign) Hence welcoming us back again- the risks/bacteria possibilities involved. With all concerns set aside though… No matter how much you try, contaminants present on lids/around jar openings cannot be fought off by boiling/hot air/tongs/praying (seriously) , hence demonstrating in practice an uneven distribution/collection/partition/”can”ning effect even if saran was invented earlier than this question ever popped up!

Alternatives To Contain Your Spring Water

While preserving at home may seem outlandish given health issues raised above but here are some pretty safe alternatives to store your loved “just tapped from Earth’s bosom” drink:

Reuseable Bottle Carriers

Give sustainability a go-make use reusable bottle carriers which are sturdy enough for carrying around your favorite drink without compromising taste/nature got us covered here.

Insulated Thermos Flask

Investing in good quality insulated flask/thermos jug always helps especially when heading outdoors far away from civilization. Plus these usually come with extra accompaniments such as a strainer or filter!

Store in Glass Jars

Nothing beats transparent glass jars showing off how awesome your drink is! Again though- some precautionary measures need to be taken into consideration -such as sterilizing the container before, filtering for bugs/leaves/debris before finally storing up.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’re sorry to inform you that spring water cannot technically “can” unless there are additional additives and preservatives involved which could defeat the whole purpose behind it. Sure we have alternatives like reusable bottle carriers, insulated thermos flasks & glass storage jars with us these days but let’s not forget the inherent risks associated when attempting to store it long term in any environment other than its natural one at room temperature . Stay safe folks and embrace nature while doing so!