Can someone develop asthma?

If your love for pets knows no bounds, you probably wouldn’t be able to resist the sweet aroma of a wriggly puppy. However, as enchanting as this may seem to some people, it could lead to discomfort with asthmatics.

Asthma is a respiratory illness that affects over 235 million people worldwide. This ailment prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs and results in shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing.

You might wonder if someone can develop asthma at any time in their life, regardless of age. Well then buckle your seatbelts because we’re about to take on an adventure into discovering whether or not one can develop asthma throughout their lifetime.

What is Asthma?

When you inhale air through your nose or mouth, it travels down through the trachea (windpipe) towards two primary bronchi tubes situated near the thymus gland. The two branches split again into smaller bronchioles within each lung and continue dividing until they reach tiny passageways known as alveoli, where gas exchange occurs between oxygen and carbon dioxide during respiration.

However asthma disrupts this process by constricting those tubes via swollen tissues around them due to allergic reactions , inflammation caused by environmental pollution like dust mites(animal fur)smoke chemical irritants etc..

This constriction leads to reduced airflow hence creating difficulty when breathing often accompanied by chest pain,mucus production,cough which varies based on case scenarios experienced among patients

There are different kinds of asthmas such as occupational asthma where certain jobs expose workers continuously a particular allergen .Another is adult-onset asthma whereby grownups who never had history/symptoms before suddenly acquire symptoms,pregnancy-associated_ asthma e.g an existing asthmatic pregnant woman whose pre-existing symptoms worsened

Nevertheless,feline /dog dander tends aggravating pre-existing asthmatic symptoms especially in the instance where an individual has allergies towards pet dander or consumes food that stimulates allergic reactions.

Can Someone Develop Asthma?

Ah, there you go. The big question! It is possible but not for reasons you may be familiar with…

Most times, asthma’s presence leaves clues behind by signaling atopic tendencies (increased potential to respond negatively to specific allergens) which are already prevalent even from childhood.

On rare occasions asthmas sudden appearance can occur in adulthood however this abnormalities without prior precursors could its severity limit breathing making it hard to ignore

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reports that “asthma usually begins before age 5” with about 50% of those children experiencing their last attack around adolescence. But don’t be fooled because although rare,various factors come into play resulting in the development of asthma during adulthood

Examples of risk factor includes environmental pollution like air quality , bacteria , genetic predisposition etc..

In contrast, an alert immunological system will identify foreign invasion and swiftly communicate via IgE antibodies on immunity cells resulting in activation thereof .This causes a reaction releasing compounds like Tumour necrosis factor(TNF-alpha-)interferon-gama(IFNy)..

Are we losing you? Great..let us press on!

What Causes Asthma Later In Life?

It turns out that several different factors increase the likelihood of developing adult-onset asthma. These include:


If your parents have a history of allergies or atropic conditions, such as eczema or hay fever, this can make you more susceptible.

It’s likely there are other genes involved too; researchers continually discover new ones associated with mechanisms underlying these responses altogether – often involving changes affecting cellular signaling pathways which contribute heavily ensuring proper formation & functioning immune cells giving rise tissue cells/organs efficiency improving overall bodily functionality

Smoking / second-hand smoke (SHS)

Smoking and SHS exposure are both asthma risk factors, as they irritate the airways. Moreover it promotes bacterial colonization within bronchi tubes increasing growth respiratory pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis allowing breakdowns organelles smooth muscle cells thus reducing airflow


Several studies suggest a connection between obesity and wheezing in adults whereby adipose tissue deposited around different organs of the body releases pro-inflammatory cytokines aggravating immune response to bacterial stimuli.

Hormonal Changes

While not fully-comprehended .It will appear that infertility treatment involving hormone manipulation is linked with adult onset asthma ,however further research needed in could clarify these findings better

Diagnosis & Treatment for Asthma

If you suspect yourself or someone close has developed adult-onset-asthma its key that prompt medical action taken by qualified practitioners who undergo specialist training since early diagnosis can save lives especially given lack insight on severity beforehand .

Asthma symptoms must never be brushed aside but attended to promptly. Proper management enhances patients QOL increases life expectancy which could involve intake steroids reducing inflammation effectively ,inhaled bronchodilators relaxes lung muscles priming open narrows windpipes improving respiration rates however allergic reactions require a unique line of medication specification for each case scenario

Furthermore an asthmatic condition cannot just disappear suddenly, do not refrain from your regular preventive measures after performing checkups/treatments periodical consultations procedures done when reminders made experienced example at interval once per year 12 monthly down dependent age,body mass index daily activities smoking status family history other illnesses already being treated etc…

Pleading also reconsider standing away wrapping arms around neck occasionally suppressing coughs may affect swallowing decreasing food intake

Finally understanding risks presented living lifestyle choices like quitting smoking improve breathing reduced inhaling pollution using mask precautions going specialized pneumo-allergist immunologist evaluation chronic disease cases(e.g puffer inhalers patches) will also be beneficial in severity management


In conclusion, Yes! While it’s more common to develop asthma during childhood research on adult onset asthmas remains ongoing showing that external factors like allergies and respiratory irritants plays a massive role.

If you or anyone close has experienced breathing difficulties even for short periods coupled with wheezing,coughs or chest pains, prompt action must be taken by medical professionals. Overall awareness needs attention given the rate increasing asthma cases worldwide .

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