Can sns nails cause allergic reaction?

Are you tired of the same old nail routine? Are you looking for something new and exciting to try? Have you considered SNS nails? Before you hop on that trend train, let’s talk about whether or not they could cause an allergic reaction.

The Basics of SNS Nails

First things first, what even are SNS nails? SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems. This type of manicure involves dipping your nails into a powder filled with various vitamins and minerals. It’s supposed to be odorless, lightweight, durable and long-lasting. Sounds pretty great so far right?

What Causes Allergic Reactions?

According to Dr. Strangelove (just kidding), some people have concerns about developing an allergy when using this product because it contains methacrylate compounds (1). Methacrylates are chemicals found in many nail products such as gels or acrylics that can trigger allergies.

An allergen is any substance that triggers an allergic reaction in the body’s immune system. Once the immune system identifies a foreign invader like protein molecules from food or dust mites on furniture – which people may come in contact with daily – it goes into overdrive trying to clear out the intruder by releasing histamine from storage cells called mast cells.

This might sound like science gibberish but don’t worry because we’ll break everything down simply: when our body comes into contact with substances we’re allergic to, our immune response thinks it’s under attack! Like sentinels guarding their territories against invading armies! It releases natural chemicals such as histamines (among others) triggering symptoms like sneezing/itchiness/wheezing altogether known as irritation (2).

That being said; depending on how sensitive your skin is, anything at all – including seemingly harmless ingredients used in cosmetic products- can cause a reaction. So, never say never to allergies.

Can SNS Nails Cause Allergic Reactions?

To put it bluntly…yes. Like many other nail products that contain methacrylate compounds, there is a possibility of developing an allergic reaction from using them. However, the chances are low even for those with sensitive skin (3).

That being said; everyone reacts differently to different chemicals therefore sensitization may still occur overtime especially when one is constantly exposed or reintroduced to an allergy-causing substance like in this case Methacrylates which include: ethyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate just sitting pretty in your SNS powder (4).

The onset of symptoms may also vary depending on individual sensitivity but problem indicators include bubbling at nails’ edges (allergies can cause fluid build up as if raising a blister) itchiness/ redness/swelling around cuticles/nail folds and even rash/urticaria- large hives/wheals not forgetting more severe reactions such breathing difficulties amongst others; due to the accumulation of histamines reacting with body tissues causing inflammation proteins called cytokines becoming overly activated (5).

If you start experiencing any kind of irritations take photographs immediately as that will aid in identification during diagnosis besides having well-documented evidence should litigation ever come into play – cc everybody! You need all hands-on deck!

Prevention Measures

I know how tempting it can be just going along with whatever trend is emerging without considering its downsides but let’s be conscious together shall we?

Here are some preventive measures:

  • Consult With Your Nail Technician – relay prior experience/allergy history
  • Read Labels Carefully And Narrow Down Ingredients That Trigger Reaction:
  • Ask your dermatologist about ingredients known to trigger allergic reactions
  • Research ingredient lists before purchasing products
  • Regular Quality Control Laboratory Testing Before Applying On Your Nails – stay woke!
  • Rotate Products Used – if you begin noticing symptoms, consider changing up your routine
  • Go Au Naturale – give SNS nails a break and don’t be afraid to go bare for a while


So, can SNS nails cause allergic reactions? Yes. Will everyone experience an allergy when using them? No. But why gamble with one’s health when there are numerous alternatives that do not contain potentially harmful chemicals like the tried and true polish or go natural?

As innovative as products such as these may seem; convenience isn’t worth the potential risks personally! Decision making rooted in health consideration should never end in regrets otherwise ‘allergy reaction’ might be more than just ‘getting itchy (6)‘ but rather severe consistently interfering negatively with daily existence.

In case irritation arises remember – prevention is stronger than intervention! Stay healthy my friends!


(2),%2C%20itchy%20eyes)%2Cbiological process known as inflammation.




(6) I mean you could always scratch…like really bad haha!!