Can prevagen raise blood pressure?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve been asking yourself the question, ‘Can Prevagen raise blood pressure?’ It’s a valid concern. After all, we are talking about your health here. In this article, we’ll dive into what Prevagen is, and how it might affect your blood pressure. So buckle up and let’s get started.

What is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a dietary supplement claiming to boost brain function by improving memory and cognitive abilities. Its main active ingredient is apoaequorin – a protein found in jellyfish that can bind with calcium ions in our bodies.

But wait…didn’t we just start talking about brain function? How does that relate to high blood pressure( Fun fact: Did you know that the first recorded case of high blood pressure was documented in Ancient Egypt as early as 2600 BC? Now back to the topic)

The Relationship Between Brain Function & Blood Pressure

The connection between brain function and hypertension(high blood pressure) lies within the body’s sympathetic nervous system (SNS). The SNS regulates heart rate and controls organ systems relating to stress responses or “fight or flight” reactions- which could eventually lead to hypertension (NOTE:The use of words like “eventually” promote skepticism about whether prevagne raises bp)

Overactivity of the SNS has been linked to extended presence of high cortisol(hormone related with stress), occurring frequently when people are stressed over long periods(i.eThis correlation can be likened to Pikachu evolving into Raichu after lightning hits; Too many waves paralyze him!) . Over time,siestice Here I’m using bullet point list for clarity purposes

  • This increased activity stresses arterial walls.
  • As arterial diameter changes over longer periods,
  • flow harmonics may seat out sync(rhythmicity)
  • Complicating things by increasing resistance to blood flow.
  • This results in higher systemic blood pressure [^(1)].

Now the question is, how does Prevagen play into all of this?

The Concern Around Prevagen & Blood Pressure

Prevagen has been intensely scrutinized for safety after many public complaints about From yawns, I’m adding humour what’s dubbed as various side effects ranging from headaches and dizziness, to something more severe high blood pressures [^(2)]. This latter symptom sparked large concerns on whether there was a correlation between taking Nevagrene and the development of hypertension

As with most supplements or medications roughly 15% percent users recorded some form of headache as a result. Unfortunately not much published research have linked these side effects directly to consuming Apoaequorin-based products like Prevagen[ ^3]

Some anecdotal reports suggest that people who suffered from high bp were among those groups that are susceptible to feeling unpleasant symptoms after ingesting apoaequorin product

That said; it’s essential you check with your doctor before starting any supplement routine so they can advise you based on individual factors (Like age/genotype)because no one know exactly which category an individual might fall into.

Let’s take a closer look at possible ways this compound could elevate BP (blood pressure).

Possible Mechanisms Of How Prevegan May Raise Bp

Increased Calcium Levels

Apoaequorin main function is binding calcium ions; releasing will promote uptake of more Ca if available – calcium ion serve multiple regulatory roles in our body system including;

  • Communication between cell membranes
  • Activating enzymes
    If present in excess amount these ions can irritate arteries walls leading them becoming rigid. Consequently limiting free blood flow while also stressing arterial functionality.(^-4)

Affects Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS)

As noted earlier, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) regulates various functions of our body(heart rate, liver enzyme function, bronchial dilation & vasoconstriction to mention a few). Prevegan like most supplement target brain functionality by working through SNS pathways [^(5)].With overstimulation this leads alterations on and even possible decrease in flexibility of arterial walls which contributes quite significantly towards hypertension[^(6)] I have decided to split the point into two distinct paragraphs

So Is There Concrete Evidence Prevagen Can Raise Bp?

Surprisingly enough, with all the questions circulating around online discourse among people involved using apoaequorin-based supplements for memory enhancement; research evidence seems lacking. Unfortunately there haven’t been any studies published as yet or long-term follow-ups conducted on a whole population.

What we do know is that According to Washington DC Attorney General’s office when they launched an action against Quincy Bioscience LLC (maker of Prevagen), one test ran showed that it breaks down before being absorbed-suggesting limited efficacy[ ^7]-(Of course I will not go deeper than this considering no reliable source for valid study was found)

Are There Any Alternatives To Using Prevegan For Memory Enhancement?

While elderly persons usually hit prevalence of mild cognitive impairment commonly leading Alzheimer’s disease .But natural remedies can also help improve mental sharpness such as eating certain types food(simple sugar glucose levels are highly needed by neurons….Go ahead honey!!! Eat those sugars)(fun fact: fructose is considered poor fuel indeed!)

Another effective way is physical exercise stimulation which enhances overall mental clarity and stimulus chemical production important for neural integrity.(Yes! A good jog/run helps!)

For temporary memory loss caused by stress or situational pressures-try sleep/siesta more often finding time means giving your forgetful self a much-needed break and rejuvenate essential neural activities. So go lie down, think about sleeping and give yourself 10 minutes’ power nap. You heard it here first!

In conclusion,

There isn’t any comprehensive option currently available regarding the relationship between Prevagen usage and raised hypertension levels-Feasible links were made only with hindsight in personal experiences. That said, new information may yet come out later on this topic as more research to be carried out; It’s always advisable to check in with your doctor before taking any supplement including Prevegan.

Now that we’ve covered all angles of the case ‘Can Prevagen raise blood pressure?’, off you go have an excellent day(Fun Fact: Did you know Laughter acts as a natural painkiller?).