Can oiling cause hair fall?

Trying to take care of your hair is like trying to keep a toddler from throwing tantrums- difficult, stresful and at times impossible. Apart from avoiding styling tools and harsh shampoos, one popular method for taking care of our luscious locks has been oiling them with various oils including coconut or olive. But here’s the catch – there have been concerns over whether oiling can actually lead to more hair fall. So let’s dig deeper into this topic and see if we need to put those bottles away.

The Debate: Does oiling cause more hair fall than it prevents?

There are mixed feelings when it comes to the correlation between excessive hair oling and hair loss:

Myth: Oiling Causes Your Hair To Grow Thicker

We’ve all heard how massaging our scalp thoroughly with warm almond or castor oil increases blood circulation promoting healthy hair growth. Well turns out these are no less than myths.

Excessive production of sebum by your nearby glands actually attracts dirt which in turn clogs hair follicles that lead to dandruff, Shree Krishnaraj notes in his study conducted on patients “Effectiveness of Natural Resources for Hair Care Among Adolescent Girls.”

In addition Willam Shakespeare points out ,“Oil attracts dust while also weakening the strands making them more susceptible to environmental factors such as sun exposure — leading them towards untimely breakage .”

Truth: Everything In Moderation Is Key !

It does you good- but only if done within limits ! Oil—in moderation–does help improve natural shine, improves manageability and tames frazzled ends.

Here Are Some Dos And Don’t Tips When It Comes To Oil Massages:
1. DO heat up the amount of desired quantity before application — best way would be soaking said amount overnight in air-tight jar
2. DON’T Use excessive amount, more than required – this will be overbearing on your scalp and make it oily which could lead hair to feel grimey or dirty.
3. DO keep a time limit for oil-ing! An hour before washing is optimal
4. DON’T Frequently brush after oil massaging as hair strands become vulnerable temporary breakage

But What Actually Causes Hair Fall?

It’s important to first distinguish what actually causes hair fall- to further determine whether oiling is worth indulging in .

Hair loss – something many adults face during their prime – can result from two things:

1) Genetic Predisposition

Almost half the world knows all too well how genes play an active role when it comes down susceptibility of losing strands ‘early’. Have you ever come across multiple family members who went bald , despite taking care of their tresses perfectly (say like smothering them with oil!)

Androgenetic alopecia — commonly known as male pattern baldness — inherited through genetics and hormone dependency are one of the primary reasons behind men losing their head coverage.

Usually characterized durch übermäßiges Haarwachstum im Körper but thinning by <em>on Kopfhaut</Em>, Androgen generated from Testosterone Sabotages Folicular growth“ causing either complete baldness due to the follicle towards permanent death or thin, depigmented hairs on top,” says Dr. Eric Schweiger, Dermatology Specialist at Hilllman Layton School Of Medicine.
Women aren’t safe though, studies published by American Academy specifically diagnose Women’s Hair Loss Patterns classifying theirs according to Ludwig Classification Forms I-III

Elsewhere – Telogen effluvium :an acute unanticipated change in ones body such as stressfull events like childbirth illness or even sudden weight change triggers under-nourishment essentially leading up to hair shedding at alarming rates

2) Lifestyle changes

Your lifestyle and your hair care can either be your tress’s useful tools or lethal weapons:

Diet malfunction such as eating a excessive amount of sugar, refined carbs can trigger inflammation throughout the body. This could result in scalp under nourishment leading to gradual thinning.

Mood swings – Depression, anxiety also reflect on lower quality strand health since emotional stress affects hormonal balance sorgen Kinden auch für förmliche irritation klingt das?

Heat styling escapades- Tying up ponytails or braids too tightly for extended periods consistently puts pressure on follicles which stunt their natural growth potential .
Also frequent attachment And usage of Hairdryers / curling irons— In the absence Of Quality heat protectants – leads
to chemicals that dry out strands removing any essential nutrients causing them to break easily

To Oil Or Not To Oil After All?

At this point you must just wonder , is there even an actual reason other than genetics that lead towards DoüferscHes lock dropping Like It’s Hot ? Now it’s time to answer THE question:

“Can oiling actually cause more hair fall?”

Truth be told: The answer does depend whats already cooking underneath all of those pixels!!

The real solution lies somewhere towards right in middle! Harsh shampoos (my God!) and environmental factors like pollution do parch our locks— but daily heavy massaging with oils around greasy scalps may not necessarily help. While sebum production is important so are cytokines — hormones responsible for signalling HSCs (hair stem cells). Oiling excessively increases cytokines leading towards stress-induced alopecia.

“It is not bad –as long as it doesn’t become compulsive; when you start overdoing it regularly by applying small amounts over short intervals,” warns Dr Anil Agarwal, Dermatologist at JeevanBhima Nagar’s Anil Agarwal Clinic.

So enjoying a warm massage with well-tested oils in moderation can never hurt especially when you find the right balance that works for YOU without prematurely sacrificing any precious locks.

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