Can not talking affect your voice?

Have you ever wondered if remaining silent could impact the way your vocal cords work? Well, it turns out, staying mum for a while can have some effects on your voice. In this article, we will explore what happens to your vocal cords when you abstain from talking and why silence needn’t be golden when it comes to maintaining a healthy voice.

The Science Behind Talking

Before diving into how refraining from speaking can influence our voices, let’s first try to understand what happens when we talk. Our vocal cords sit inside the larynx or ‘voice box.’ They function by compressing air as it leaves our lungs and vibrating in response. This vibration produces sound that is then projected through the mouthpiece – otherwise known as being able to speak! It’s fascinating stuff!

Speechless Days: What Happens When You Don’t Talk

When someone wishes us a “speechless day,” we might react differently depending on how much they know about speechlessness. Many people might assume that avoiding chit-chat means nothing more than catching up with errands uninterrupted! However, taking time away from using the power of words has consequential impacts on one’s voice box.

Your Throat Dries Out Quicker Than Messy Paint

Ever attempted painting without adequate water supplies (besides licking paintbrushes)? It doesn’t take long before both our dust-dry throats and mouths become unbearable; void of moisture like overcooked turkey meat served with no gravy (yummm)! The same thing happens when you decide not to use those sweet pipes sitting at either end of your little larynx caverns.

Your throat drying-out risks extra stressors inflicted onto it whilst enabling unwanted damage to manifest; here are several possible impacts.

  • Tickling sensation
  • Silent coughing
  • Hoarsening-up or lost voice perception

Vocal Cords Lose Muscle Memory

The muscle in our vocal cords that we use for singing warm-ups and bellow out the chorus to songs constantly memorizes how much air pressure is needed, among many other factors. This memory helps produce quality sounds from efficient techniques such as whooping it up.

On duller days where you don’t speak to your heart’s content, though, these muscles may lose some of that “muscle memory” (an expensive gym membership loss we can do without). When this happens, your voice might come across shakier or hollow-like because those primary “memory pieces” are missing.

Hoarse Throat

Depending on how long you withhold speaking dependant on the quantity of air passing through one’s throat; often a silent throat will become raspy overtime. It’s like swallowing sandpaper and gargling with rocks (ewww!).


Abstaining from talking might seem like a fun way to get away with not expending energy in conversations. But when doing so regularly or excessively reduces time spent rehabilitating or warming-up larynxes leading to silent coughing fits – subversively- strange formations crop up over time affecting speech abilities along further ailments hampering everyday life operations requiring proper maneuverability!

Our advice? Talk/talk away! Chatterboxes have far healthier relationships…with their voices!