Can muscle relaxers help back pain?

If you’ve ever experienced a backache, you know the kind of pain that can make your life feel like it’s been taken over by a sadistic chiropractor. Put an end to this misery, and read on to find out how muscle relaxers might just be able to help.

What Are Muscle Relaxers?

Muscle relaxants (note: also known as antispasmodics) are medications that suppress or reduce muscular tension. They work by targeting the central nervous system and reducing nerve impulses leading from certain muscles, allowing for relaxation.

Popular Types of Muscle Relaxants

  • Baclofen
  • Methocarbamol
  • Tizanidine
  • Cyclobenzaprine
  • Orphenadrine Citrate

Dealing with Back Pain

Back pain is no laughing matter (note: except when it is – won’t we try!), but sometimes the best policy is not taking things too seriously. Recommended ways of getting through back pain include:

  1. Moving about gently – slowly does it.
  2. Staying positive – tell yourself ‘the ache will pass’.
  3. Low impact exercise such as walking or swimming (once you’re feeling better).
  4. A comforting hot bath/shower.
  5. Limiting alcohol intake – sorry folks but we must face facts 🙁 .

But when all else fails and agony persists despite these measures, what then? That’s where muscle relaxants come into play!

How Do Muscle Relaxers Work Against Back Pain?

As mentioned before, muscle relaxants alleviate back pain through reduction in muscular tension via decreasing activity within areas including the brain stem/spinal cord region.

Relief in lower back injury & degenerative disc disease patients have reportedly resulted from its use.(note: so there!)

They decrease overall suffering from acute musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Lower dosages lead to fewer adverse side effects, therefore you should always keep a close eye on the amount being administered (note: do we really need to point that out?).

What Can We Expect from Muscle Relaxants?

Although it might seem like a complete cure-all remedy for back pain, muscle relaxers aren’t without their drawbacks.

Possible Side Effects Include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
    (note: sounds pretty standard doesn’t it? But wait there’s more…)
  • Sleep problems
  • Blurred vision

The dosage & length of treatment can vary depending on individual conditions or medications – ya noticing a theme here?(note: why isn’t life ever simple!)

One word of caution: DO NOT MIX MUSCLE RELAXANTS WITH ALCOHOL (well actually that was several words but you get the idea)


After reading through all this advice and tickling your funny bone along the way(I hope!), I bet you’re itching to try muscle relaxers for yourself.

But before subscribing yourself to this medicine make sure:
1. You’ve taken counsel with your doctor since not everybody will be suited to taking these kinds of drugs.
2. Ensure you understand how high your dose can go/when as well as what risks are involved at each stage.

Don’t brush off any discomfort in hopes that it’ll pass eventually…. Look after yourself today!