Can metformin raise your blood pressure?

Do you find yourself sweating, heart racing and feeling like your blood pressure is skyrocketing? Could it be because of the commonly prescribed medication for diabetes – metformin? Fear not, dear reader! We’ve got answers.

What is metformin?

Metformin is a first-line oral medication to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by decreasing how much glucose (sugar) our livers make and reduces insulin resistance within cells.

Why would someone think metformin raises blood pressure?

With any medication, there can be potential side effects. While rare, some people taking metformin have experienced an increase in their blood pressure levels after starting treatment. These people may begin having symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision and ringing ears that indicate increases in blood pressure levels.

Should I stop taking my metformin?

Don’t go flushing your meds down the toilet just yet! Please talk to your doctor first before stopping or making any changes to your dose of metformin.

How does one even assess if they are affected

If you’re already on the med but don’t know where to start checking whether or not this med could harm you here’s what u should do:
– Go see a doc
– Have them run checks including hormonal ones
– Monitor BPs religiosly (everyday).
Readings done at home with a reliable BP cuff work well!

Who is more likely than others

Typically those who experience an elevation in their blood pressure while on this medication tend to develop these issues quickly within three months of starting therapy or when beginning higher doses; also relatively younger population might be prone thanks to lack of smoking/ alcohol exposure due to positive lifestyle choices (woop woop)

Having preexisting hypertension puts one in greater risk too however please note that most cases show only small elevations that aren’t necessarily clinically significant so don’t freak out just yet!

What should I do if metformin causes my blood pressure to increase?

Suppose it does, our lovely doctor might simply have you switch your meds. If the side effect is minor and there are no other alternatives, then they may suggest combining a high blood pressure medication with the metformin.

Is hypertension permanent or temporary?

Increases in blood pressure due to medications often go away once the drug exits your system. However, if other risk factors such as obesity or smoking come into play, hypertension can be a lifetime battle…sounds intimidating right?

How Long does this take?

If combined with lifestyle changes (so long soda and cheesy Cheetos) expect gradual reductions within 4-6 weeks for most patients. Till now remember cuts > pills
On another note some people may need more aggressive lowering of their medical BP if there are underlying health issues at play: special cases reqtl-med attention

Wait what lifestyle changes are we talking about again:sweat:

Lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood pressures:
Below is a list of habits worth adopting pushes glasses up nose:
– Eat fruits & veggies with plenty of potassium(so pumpkins alert)
– Less salt than BBQs from before Covid times(have u tried pepper;))
– Regular exercise( walk – morning/evening )
Wellness guru much smirks


Mighty CONCLUSIONS time! Metformin has been prescribed successfully for many years for diabetes treatment management without raising any flags whatsoever

The issue surrounding elevated blood pressures being caused by Metformin isn’t too well-known but yayyish….long story short: Uncommon SE but monitor BPs on starting medication tho not everyone faces it luckily enough(pulls collar); switching will probably occur w/potential teamwork between you and your doc so keep talkin.

A small caveat though, those with a pre-existing history of hypertension should have their blood pressure monitored consistently even if they haven’t started taking metformin to begin with. It’s important always to advocate for yourself in the doctor-patient relationship and prioritize close communication regarding side effects experienced during therapy.

So here is fairyending time….happy healthy medicating guys (who knew there was such a thing winks)

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