Can melatonin make you feel sick the next day?

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning all night, unable to catch a wink? Or perhaps your mind races so much that sleep feels like an elusive dream. It’s not uncommon for people to have trouble sleeping these days, what with the constant distractions of modern life. That’s where melatonin comes in. But can this popular sleep aid make you feel sick the next day? Let’s explore.

What is Melatonin?

Melan-what-onin? Don’t worry; it sounds more complicated than it really is. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by our pineal gland at night when we need to hit the hay (please ignore my rhyme). Even animals produce melatonin, which shows how crucial it is for survival! Its primary function isn’t sedation but rather regulating our body clock or circadian rhythm. In simpler terms, happy hour hormones go down as sleepy-time hormones go up!

So How Does Melatonin Help You Sleep?

When levels of light recede around evening time, specifically blue wavelengths usually found in LED lights such as cellphones or laptops (seriously limit screen time before bed!), your brain instantly helps itself to release extra doses of melatonin with increasing darkness outside (#natureforthewin). Now if only we could convince ourselves that scrolling madly through Instagram won’t just keep us awake all night long…

Side Effects

Now onto business; let’s give some attention towards answering whether Melotonin has any scary side effects.


Yes indeed (my apologies) unfortunately nausea sits among some possible adverse reactions from taking melatonin supplements, according to one study surveyed individuals suffering from episodes after ingesting high amounts orally () However even though evidence does suggest those sufferers having had moments feeling dizzy and queasy following their intake dosage exceeded normally used range adequate enough safely promote healthy sleep regimes [^1]


Another common side effect of taking too much melatonin is headaches (#talkaboutapaininthehead), although this could be indicative feeling hungover from not receiving enough shut-eye or equally likely dehydration. So on a jittery dark morning please refrain from popping additional daytime headache relief pills with espressos and chug water because well, your Mom always knew best that hydration leads to happy mornings!


Doesn’t it seem like everything in life has its opposite? Wakefulness required during the day, and more often than not ; drowsiness likes making an appearance at work every Monday (recently everyone’s personal favorites) It seems then that one of the most typical complaints among people using melatonin supplements is waking up feeling groggy- No surprise there! as recommended dosages should only provide sufficient assistance with getting some good zzz’s rather than carry-on overstay penalties throughout longer stretches of shut-eye.

Dosage Matters

How much do I take? Is three times daily for one week safe?

One significant factor regarding determining unintended effects caused by taking melatonin lies towards knowing whether individuals consume right amount suited to body & mind (A friendly heads up Alert Usage wise Over intake regarded generally as doses exceeding 10mg causes levels Melotonin reaching blood becoming extremely high) According to official guidelines strayed doses outside prescribed depend largely factors including prior utilization varying strengths in contents impacting each person differently producing uniquely individual serving sizes successful achieving ultimate restful slumber.


Can melatonin make you feel sick the following day? As we’ve learned so far, nausea isn’t out-of-the-question when consuming excessive amounts (^see above recommended dosage information)The most preferred means avoiding any ailments after consumption might lie being mindful receiving expert guidance directed choosing appropriate quantities suited improving bodily rhythms allowing proper lasting REM cycles lead energized mornings after soothing open-eyed nights.


Taking Melatonin really has honed its effectiveness influencing deep sleep for people carrying out their unique lifestyles alongside packing a punch lot of innate power and possible side effects to boot. So, it’s essential that we balance the pros with cons before deciding what to use during our bedtime routine!

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