Can lvh be cured?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Can LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) be cured?” Well, look no further! In this hilarious and informative article (if we do say so ourselves), we’ll cover the ins and outs of LVH, its causes, symptoms, treatment options and most importantly whether or not it can be cured.

What is LVH Exactly?

Before we dive into the exciting world of curing heart conditions (who wouldn’t want to?!), let’s take a moment to understand what exactly LVH is all about. Essentially, it’s when your left ventricle gets bigger because your heart has been working harder than normal – kind of like how your biceps get bigger after lifting weights. However unlike toned arms that are impressive at parties (kidding…kinda), an enlarged heart isn’t necessarily something to brag about.

How Does One Get LVH?

So now that you know what’s up with this condition (hey there mini-med students!), let’s talk about the juicy deets on how one even ends up getting enlarged cardiac muscles in the first place!

While in some cases hypertension or high blood pressure can cause one’s left ventricle to enlarge (fun!), there are actually other medical situations where having an enlarged hear may just come as a side effect cue scary music such as:

  • Aortic Stenosis (that means narrowing!)
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    (woah sorry for throwing actual science phrases out here)
  • Mitral regurgitation
    (Yup they KNOW stuff)

Let’s break down these mind-boggling terms one by one:

Term Definition
Aortic Stenosis This refers to a situation whereby your aorta becomes stiff/narrowed making blood flow difficult which eventually leads to an increase in the thickness of your left ventricle
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy In this situation, your heart muscles anomalously become thick leading to a weirdly shaped wall between the two ventricles that messes with blood flow and leads to LVH (We know “too much information”).
Mitral Regurgitation This is when your heart’s mitral valve does not CLOSE properly after blood flows through it (um have you ever heard of personal space?) causing back flow into that same valve. Thus creating extra work for both chambers of the organ.


Now let’s say you don’t run home from work telling everyone you met that day about how hard working just made them bigger cue nervous laughter (terrible joke) but instead, one takes note of symptoms such as chest discomfort, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath and increased fatigue during exercise or even at rest – what do you do then? Other things like dizziness or fainting spells can also be attributed to LVH so keep an eye out if any mind-boggling medical terms show up in style!

Treatment Options

So are there magical potions/pills we can pop-into our mouths and cure LvH instantly? Unfortunately no (sighs), treatment options include lifestyle changes like cutting back on nicotine/stress-habits could go a long way towards reducing over-working ourselves too physically. PS: Supplements should only come based on recommendations by ones’ health professional).

Sometimes medicine may be prescribed (heyyyy pills) but again these should always be directed by physicians pushing for maximum benefit without adverse effects; being consistent goes a long way here! Dentists remind us all an apple-a-day keeps them further away whilst cardiologists encourage/warn against regular exercise/slow movements will indeed foster general wellbeing!

Can LvH Be Cured?

Well drumroll please….unfortunately not (huge sad face) -Not completely at least.

Since we’re playing the honesty card (that’s a lovely start,everyone should), it’s important to know that even although treatment options exist, the heart is still back there doing its own thing (What a brat…). It’s not like breaking an arm where you can heal it and bring everything back up to perfect condition again. However, throughout this article we’ve learned how LVH isn’t always something one just deals with without any help or support; so stay informed in terms of treatments such as medications or surgical alternatives!

Key Takeaways

-Symptoms are broad and may reflect other conditions.
-Lifestyle changes do play a role in medical situations!
-Treatments involve actively working towards remediations via natural supplements (#teamgreentea) , medication recommended for us by health pros/ docs while also considering surgery if necessary.

In conclusion folks, there may not be some quick-fix remedy for people suffering from LVH but making use of all measures available will make sure our hearts function at the best possible state they can be (because why accept less!?).

Quick Recap:

  • LVH occurs when your left ventricle becomes enlarged and causes symptoms similar to those of hypertension
  • The main cause: Hypertension but could arise due to various cardiovascular diseases too
  • Treatment involves medications,dietary adjustments & exercise routines etcetera
    sorry no shortcut potions
  • Lastly ,whilst LvH cannot really disappear entirely (sheds tears crying on behalf of someone out there) management/heavy monitoring under physician supervision works wonders!