Can low back pain cause upper back pain?

Are you someone who spends hours sitting in front of a computer or texting on your phone? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck with pain all over your body? If so, then chances are high that you have experienced back pain at some point in your life. But why does it happen? There’s always been this confusion and question that whether low back pain can cause upper back pain as well. Let’s dive into the science behind it.

The Anatomy Lesson

Before we answer the main question, aren’t we supposed to understand our anatomy better first? Yes we should! Basically, The spine is divided into various sections; cervical (neck), thoracic (upper and mid-back), lumbar (low) region, sacral, and coccyx. All these portions of the spine are connected via strong tissues known as ligaments & muscles. Our shoulders join together with our shoulder blades which rest on top of each other while firmly attached to our thorax from inside which helps them protect us for any impact endured.

While lower regions would be working alongside hip joint & pelvic attachments to transfer prominent movement throughout outr lower limbs.

The funny thing about human beings is – they always come up with bizarre names for everyday things. One such term coined for ‘stiffness’ around spinal joints poorly i.e low to upper part surroundings ones being considered together simply referred commonly as “Dumpster Stiffing” due to severe shooting sensation kept beyond tolerable level 🙂

If honestly explained- It starts when soft tissue structures surrounding our intervertebral joint areas get inflamed and create restrictions within those muscle fibers causing restricted movements along swing angle thus decreasing overall rangeofmotion impaired more prominently during daily unrestricted tasks separately identified across mentioned different sections mentioned above- Now let’s just skip this boring explanation!

So…Can Low Back Pain Cause Upper Back Pain?

Short answer – Yes it can. Most people who suffer from chronic lower back pain often experience pain in other parts of their body at some point, including the upper back region. The reason this happens is that when one part of your body experiences strain for an extended period, your muscles try to compensate by contracting or expanding further than usual eventually causing stress over higher positions along maximum boundary points leading towards any possible connections between upper- middle and even reaching thoracic regions upto spine anatomy.

Types of Upper Back Pain

Upper-back pains aren’t only associated with poor posture and muscle stiffness around cervical joints but also holds certain different types which mainly resides on various causes:

1. Intervertebral Disc Diseases

The intervertebral discs act as cushions protecting spinal bones from rubbing against each other during movement thus disc diseases arise triggering ache & numbness through shooting sensation that bears intense irritation. It generally rests its weight at the last vertebra connecting our lowerback section with mid-upper thoracic portion.

2.Tension Headaches

Yep you read it right! Any dull aching feelings are refferred sometimes known as “Tension headache” resulting specifically due to postures held statically without frequent stretch & allowing chances to passby while switching –

just think about how much preassure u might be building up sitting Lazy – We all know bout putting up one such position therefore emphasizing once again onto humane actions we can take inorder minimise these.

Let’s Take a Look At How Low-Back Pains Causing Upper-Back Pains

It isn’t easy not to worry if low-back pains have anything got going onto developing upper sections too? Well let’s explain it by breaking down potential reasons behind why they both may get interconnected?

Imbalanced Muscles

Many individuals develop muscular imbalances within their bodies due solely based on their lifestyle choices. For example, we know how impactful it can be spending most of our time sitting/working definitely tends individuals’ muscles to develop into one certain position leading towards weak hip-glutes muscles – and if left uncorrected over the time causes shifting scapular shoulder blade along atlanto-occipital complex’s joint causing discomforting ache.

Bad Posture

This should come as no surprise, but people who frequently find themselves in an awkward position & are actively engaging at a job with least physical movement stand highest chances constributing seamlessly in collecting older & larger age group contributing pain culprits do possess this while standing around 40%. Generally speaking – Individuals who work long hours hunched over a computer or phone often experience backaches all day due to straining muscle tissues responsible for keeping bones aligned working under pressure not appropriate needed alignment.

Joint Dysfunction

As earlier mentioned when spinal column connects different functional region through articulations across various planes if lower spine portion undergoes any problematic scenarios such as herniated disc rupturing outward edges pressing onto nerves might also lead upper section going hand-in-hand ongoing especially with tense feeling engulfing upon each movement tried caused by existing hardships on present structural composites forcing large adaptions gradually influencing other parts further down the line too!

Since disability rate tops higher among low-back usual suspects resulting exacerbated nature just keeps growing upward showing similar symptoms albeit lesser intense than previous derived therefore careful approach is required during examination methods whilst detailed understading about client’s daily habits taken into account exploiting root cause max effectiveness thus providing best suitablility for that individual considering rapid recovery.

How Can You Fix It?

While there isn’t a definite way to completely cure chronic low-back or upper back pain issues overnight outright especting anything imaginable from patients may harm more than treat potential positives. However, steps you can take:

Stretch Oftenly

Yeah i know you don’t wanna hear it but “Stretching is MOST IMPORTANT once backpain hits!” Shockingly even the miniest bend prolongly fixed can be detrimental for spine resulting in stiffness eventually spreading over different regions. Regular stretches held at intervals proven helpful.

Stand or Sit Correctly

Sitting & standing correctly usually goes unsaid as no one cares how they sit! However, reagrdless of whichever i.e low section getting affected or otherway round mainly contributes a lot to developing chronicity between those two.. Therefore do yourself a kind favour and try elevating your work environment adjusting according onto ergonomic sensitivity

The Bottom Line

Overall speaking, if you want to keep those pesky backaches away from home sweet home place – ensure strategies taken into consideration such as proper seating arrangements holding conversations onto frequent basis about hygiene measures during workforce stressing muscle tissues more than usual always contribute towards healthy-back life. But most importantly its up-to-individuals who take that adaption gradual while bringing leisure activities to avoid stagnant lifestyle altogether with real dedication and persistence being significant factors holding bounds together incase anything comes up along the journey itself only consistent effort definitely produces favourable outcomes pointing majority would like working towards!

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