Can kids have ricola cough drops?

If you’re a parent, you are probably conscious of your child’s health and well-being. One thing that comes up as winter approaches is the dreaded cough season, which can be very frustrating for parents who want their children to be comfortable and healthy.

Cue: Ricola cough drops. These little Swiss secrets promise instant relief from coughing courtesy of active ingredients like menthol and soothing herbs such as elderflower blossom extract, horehound herb extract, thyme extract, lemon balm extract, sage extract and more!

But what if it’s your kid that needs one? Is it okay to hand over this sweetened remedy to help ease their discomfort or will doing so cause more harm than good? Keep reading to find out all about whether kids can have Ricola Cough Drops.

What Are The Active Ingredients In Ricola Cough Drops?

First things first – let’s talk about the active ingredients found in these “magical” candies:

  1. Menthol – This ingredient is widely used for its cooling sensation due to its ability to activate cold-sensitive neurons in the mouth.
  2. Extracts – Unlike traditional medications (which often contain chemicals), many natural remedies rely on plant-based extracts such as those found in rosemary oil or marshmallow root.
  3. Peppermint Oil — Though not an official component of Ricolas per se, many brands add peppermint oil because this essential oil has common-use associations with improved digestion and respiratory health.

So far so good right? But How do they work?

The above-listed items work together by coating each swallow which creates a barrier between inner throat irritants like bacteria or allergens thus alleviating irritation via inflammation reduction while also being mildly numbing via Menthol making swallowing easier accompanied with a refreshing cooling effect.

How Safe Are They For Kids?

Living wild demands some risk but when it comes to each child’s health, parents often take an extra step to ensure their children are always safe. After asking around, here is what we found out about Ricola cough drops.

Dosage Limitations

According to Mintel (who makes Ricolas), due to the risk of choking and potential overdose for small children, these products aren’t intended for kids under 6 years old or those who can’t tolerate hard candy.Hard candies present a certain kind of danger since they break down easily presents possibilities of choking thus should be offered with adult supervision.

It means that if you have young’uns at home – don’t accidentally offer them one!

Otherwise and according to Mintel recommendations on their website: “Ricola throat drops do not contain any ingredient that would require a prescription for regular use.”

Side Effects

While searching Reddit threads in different online communities centered around parenting experiences faced by moms & dads , no serious negative side effects were reported. However some Redditors shared good/bad experiences hence sensitizing other users how everyone’s bodies react differently nevertheless it was noticeable that overall there seems to have been fewer negative reactions compared with over-the-counter “organic” medications available today”.

Other reports suggest otherwise mentioning common allergic responses such as skin irritation or itchiness however even then majority claims occur mostly from ingredients such as essential oils which vary depending on brand type etc. Hence double-checking components and monitoring allergy history where possible is recommended before administering this product.

What Alternatives Exist?

Even though widely popular among adults worldwide because natural/less toxicity than other alternatives like synthetic syrups; but just because something works well for most grownup cases doesn’t mean necessarily safe for inexperienced lil ones. Kids being more susceptible hence having relatively weaker immune systems might experience adverse effects . To avoid taking risks altogether we’ve rounded up several possible options worth considering mainly based on age percentage safety ranges:

  1. Dark Chocolate/Pure Cocoa Powder – According to the Global Journal of Health Science eating dark chocolate can soothe throat irritation via suppressing cough reflex due to their wide range of anti-oxidants present in the cocoa powder especially high Theobromine content making it one alternative worth considering for those above 4 years old.
  2. Steam sessions: Steam therapy has been known to help reduce and alleviate inflammation around throat caused by dryness, thus easing mild forms of sore throats in a safe manner. Covering your child’s head whilst sitting next to steam served from boiling water is one way parents have credited for healing children’s throats naturally but remember as with all home remedies – natural doesn’t always make them hazardous-free or very effective alone.

In conclusion, kids under six should avoid ricola drops due to choking hazards while other age groups within parental supervision guidelines may take advantage of Ricola’s reputation based on their preferred prudence regarding active ingredient sourcing & responsible usage practices are followed during minor illnesses associated with seasonal changes! Parents can also explore other available techniques depending on the underlying symptoms before doling out any medication because there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes down taking care of our loved ones’ health improvement needs

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