Can iud be used as emergency contraception?

When it comes to emergency contraception, most people are aware of the morning-after pill. However, there is another option that doesn’t require you to swallow a handful of pills and still provides peace of mind: IUD.

You might be wondering if an IUD can be used as emergency contraception. Well, let’s dive into this topic with a humorous twist because why not?

What is an IUD?

First off, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what an IUD actually is. An intrauterine device (IUD) is a small, T-shaped piece of plastic that gets inserted into your uterus by a healthcare provider.

It sounds like it would hurt like hell but don’t worry; they’ll numb your cervix before inserting it so you won’t have to experience any discomfort—just pure joy.

Fun fact: The strings attached to the device hang down through the cervix into the vagina so you can easily check if it’s still in place or not. It’s almost like fishing for happiness…but inside your own body!

How Does An IUD Work As A Contraceptive Method?

The key benefit of using an IUD as a contraceptive method is that once inserted correctly by your local doctor, nurse or midwife (not just tried yourself at home), you’ll enjoy hassle-free protection against unwanted pregnancies for up to twelve years depending on the type you choose!

With its long-term effectiveness and low-maintenance approach after initial insertion (as anyone who has owned one will tell you), an Intra Uterine Device might just save a whole lot of time and money over other options such as birth control pills or condoms in addition giving less hormonal varied side-effects which no one wants

But back onto discussing how effective these devices are when used shortly after unprotected sex.

How to Use An IUD as Emergency Contraception

Let’s say unprotected sex happens, and you’re freaking out over the possibility of pregnancy. No problem!

Fortunately, an IUD can also be used as emergency contraception if done quickly. The device works by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus or making it difficult for sperm to make their way up there altogether.

I know being efficient isn’t always possible(but hey let’s aim high here), but if you get that sucker inserted within five days after having unprotected sex, it’ll give you 99% protection against unplanned pregnancies – and believe me when I say this is a godsend after worrying about every weird symptom your body might manifest afterwards (hello stress).

But don’t worry; even if the procedure costs around $600-plus (especially if you live retuned). It’s totally worth not carrying another human life around for nine months before bringing them into an already problematic world LOL 🙃 not even trying to exaggerate here!

How Withstanding Can You Be?

The best thing? Once your little friend is safely set up in there, assuming everything went smoothly at insertion time—an ultrasound scan will be conducted just to confirm this -you won’t have any upkeep until its once again transfer-out time unless something goes wrong.

Now isn’t that great news? Nothing like leaving fate on a copper friend in these uncertain times- Fuck storks!

Pros & Cons Of Using An Intrauterine Device As A Regular Contraceptive Method

Using an intrauterine device do come with pros & cons though.When compared with other methods of birth control then 👉drumrolls please


🔹You’ll enjoy Long Term Protection against Unplanned pregnancies which means no regular trips needed down to Chemist Warehouse anymore.

🔹It’s one of the most Effective (99% success rate against unplanned pregnancies). You didn’t need to be a statistician to appreciate those odds, did you?

🔹It’s hassle-free – once it has been inserted by an expert in the relevant field(obviously!), then there’s nothing left for you to do except just being finger crossed with its efficiency.


🔹Initial Cost- as already mentioned earlier it can cost up to around $600 or more, depending on where you get it from & what kind of IUD device you want.but hey that still cheaper than raising human kids!

🔹Hormonal Side effects- though different from pills which keep altering your hormones these ones have formed reactions due to their copper contents.they were known for causing lighter and some times longer periods. However many women actually report improved positive side-effects over time like reduced skin oiliness & better mood swings. cant believe happiness is just a T-Shape away!


So Can IUD Be Used As Emergency Contraception? Yes AND No cause who likes straight answers anyway 😂?. It may not be an option available as immediately all time but when done efficiently within the decided window period, It sure does provide great options and proves itself much practical for long-term-protection plus other benefits only grow more with greater use.

Still making up your mind between this ‘heavenly’ T-shape versus tedious birth control Pills? Just go ahead with whatever meets your needs best; Because isn’t that we ALL deserve at last ?

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