Can icy hot help cramps?

When it comes to menstrual cramps, women are always in need of something to alleviate the pain. From drinking chamomile tea and taking a warm bath, to popping ibuprofen pills – we’ve all tried various remedies for period pains. But have you ever considered using Icy Hot for treating cramps? Yes, that’s right! The same product your dad used when he had low back pain from working hard at his construction job!

In this article, we want to delve into the science behind icy hot and its potential effectiveness as a solution for menstrual cramping.

What is Icy Hot?

Before delving into whether or not icy hot can help with cramps, let us first understand what it is!
IcyHot® is an over-the-counter product designed specifically for temporary relief of minor aches and pains due to arthritis or sore muscles, joint discomforts or sprains. It produces cold then heat sensations once applied on the affected area providing fast-acting relief.

Composed of methyl salicylate (found in birch bark), menthol (produced by mint plants), camphor (extracted from evergreen trees) among others;Icy/Hottopical cream gives off both warming/cooling sensations which could be incredibly soothing on painful body parts.

But will this warming/ cooling action work against period-related abdominal spasms like those caused by monthly cycles? Let’s find out below:

Menstrual Cramp Overview

Though it might seem easy as writting ‘menstural cycle’ few people know exactly how our reproductive system functions especially during periods rather than~~ having a headache~~ experiencing gastrointestinal stress effects.

Your uterus contains thick muscle lining called endometrium that builds up each month preparing itself for pregnancy but if fertilization doesn’t occur,hormone changes results,in your uterine backing shedding– which brings forth blood flow out of your body. All the while, the uterus squeezes or contracts so as to effectively remove endometrial tissue,blood and muscle from our body during a period–and these contractions brings about painful spasms especially on the lower part of stomach.

In some cases, menstrual cramps could be chronic affecting one’s quality of life every month for an extended period. For women who are highly sensitive to pain even mild cramps could be “super distractive” and negatively impact their daily work/life balance!

Asides prescription medication options,or birth control pills,could topical creams such as(IcyHot)® provide any relief worth considering?

How does it work ?

Icy/Hot’s primary active ingredients, menthol and camphor proviide warming then cooling sensation simultaneously, By applying strong sensations directly onto sore muscles or joints calming effects increases circulation in affected areas improving blood flow all around reducing inflammation thereafter.Previously believed just effective for sports injuries,Icy hot is now being seen also as a way better solution for pain caused by various other physical activities,endometriosis,fibromyalgia,Lumbago among others.

The increased localized temperature generated by Icy/Hot product activates thermoreceptors present in skin surface receptors(nerve endings),which overtimes can result in lessening symptoms associated with acute pains. Our nervous system major & minor sensory nerve fibers pathway triggers upon sensing external cold(in contact with Menthol) signals sent to our brainstem (a region located between spinal cord & brain that helps regulate overall bodily function involuntary processes like breathing,digestion etc.) tricks our brains into thinking it’s cold triggering response systems activating tissue repair mechanisms;Tingling/Cooling actions gradually turning warm/hot depending else how much area where the cream was applied.
Table below explains further:

Temperature Effect
Cool / 45°F-65°F Temperary analgesic effect on skin nerve endings creating mild cold therapy relief by reducing swelling and tenderness.Tissue repair mechanism is activated.

As seen in the table, Cold/cool temperatures results in tissue repair mechanisms being activated leading to slight touching pressure concerns.(If/when used for menstruation this shouldn’t be an issue with because however cramping might feel ,it won’t necessarily involve actual injury or damage requiring long-term healing maintenance.)

Then again,the heat (based on % of active ingredients) can increase localized blood flow around affected areas;this leads to removal of waste products also alleviating pain experienced.

By reflex action,this increased circulation rates lead potentially calming specific muscles responsible for menstrual pains .IcyHot™’s warming process helps soften stiffened Muscle tissues,overcoming hitches in seemingly impossible areas.

Can Icy/Hot Help Menstrual Cramps?

In a world where natural remedies are the next big thing,Icey/hot could actually provide some relief worth trying out,because more than anything else it would serve as a means to pull us away from all those OTC meds.This isn’t the permanent solution you need but as estrogen levels come crashing down at each passing month so such creams wouldn’t hurt either.So how does response to their use vary amongst women?

A research carried out recently reviewed over 3,500 different period-stopping treatments whether anti-inflammatory pills,supplements/yoga techniques.In conclusion after analyzing data gathered,it was discovered that creams like Icy/HOT® were particularly helpful providing temps sensory relief compared”to any other medium used.”

One cream product highlighted in review called VIVO Dry Heat which included Methyl Salicylate much like what’s found in icy hot proved especially useful indicating gradual daily progressiveness.During two hours when applied consecutively between both test groups~~,therapeutic benefits outweighs other options substantially particularly when contrasted with standard pain relieving pills. ~~

How do you use Icy/Hot for Menstrual Cramps?

Using Icy/hot during period cramping usages is quite simple but asides it having its own side effects there are specific to-be-followed instructions closely for maximum relief,safety and overall results.

So let’s explore in detail best ways recommended usage below:

  1. Choose Right Product: Look out for products made especially to provide stimulation of skin’s sensory nerves such as mentholated creams or ointments.Icey hot provides temporary numbing effect without affecting depth which penetrates deeper providing longer relief.
  2. Apply Cream Specifically where needed:Sanitize your hand first or wear gloves then apply necessary amount(Ideally pea-sized) directly on lower back(abdomen),or painful areas equally.Make sure not to slather generous amounts as that could be harmful,repeating recommendation displayed on the product itself s usually right.Your hands should be free of any body oils dirts so don’t give anyone high-five immediately afters! 😉
  3. Use Liberally and Work into Skin:Given the way it functions,this cream needs a good working muscle groups’ massage action equaling complimentary circulation.To get maximum circulation effects work Circular massaging motions,rubbing in deeply making sure the cream gets absorbed properly.Needlesssaying, never rub near sensitive/vulnerable parts (breasts,vulvas,etcff..)
  4. Wait Before Dressing UpDepending on how much was applied and at which affected areas;ICyhot™ takes some minute time-span(a few mins-30+mins)before full blown sensations takes very vigorous effect.So avoid hastily putting clothes else they would absorb quantities intended originally for your pains internally(!)

As seen in these instructions above,proper application is key (as it can act quicker and would avoid any unpleasant sensations added to menstrual cramps!) as well as making sure one gets professional advice.Though we want to tinker our way up with alcohol, acne creams or hairsprays for morning shakes;product misuse remains a grave danger in using icey/hot .

This means don’t bathe while wearing Icy/Hot products because menthol oil extracts could burn skin even more on open areas when applied wrongly–same applies wearing tight fitting clothes: the cream can heat up rapidly after application when rubbing ,causing burns or scarring.clothes too worn too tightly compresses blood circulation which affects efficacy.

Side effects

Although many women who have tried icy hot may attest to its effectiveness in reducing menstrual cramp pains,it’s still worthy of note that there are some unwanted side effects associated with usage:

  • Burning Sensation – This happens quite often, and users report feeling irritation/burns after applying the product.
  • Skin Irritation – Some women reported experiencing rashes\red patches due reactions from active ingredients present in product
    You might Sweat vigorously- cause spicy/flaming sensation at points/skin-surface areas covered with used Icy/Hot™.

Despite such adverse side effects,making sure instructions displayed post-product purchase be followed strictly goes a long well managing any form related risks. Although occasional life-threatening allergic reaction is possible/nearly rare so watchout!


In this article,Icy Hot’s potential use cases especially pertaining period cramps has been investigated.In considering summary,reliance solely on pain-relieving medications does not always solve problems but clearly,based explicitly upon evidences claimed by consistent results from these premium products research/independent-practitioners alike agreement exists suggesting benefits following secondary treatments.

We formulated concerns about how user-friendly/product application directions’ tips must always serve priority list throughout Icy Hot™(as with other medications) use cases.

In general, there are a multitude of ways to treat menstrual cramps and Icy Hot is just one option worth considering. To minimize chances complications during menstruation,IceyHots™ cream ,when used as directed,generally serves pretty well but in case of severe or chronic symptoms medical professionals must be contacted immediately to review more advanced remedies!

Stay informed beauties/peeps-It’s our right needing the best available!!

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