Can ibs be cured?

Are you one of the many people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and wondering if there is a cure for it? Well, sit back, relax and continue reading. In this article we will explore some possible treatments for IBS.

Diagnosis first

Before diving into any treatment options that could possibly “solve” your problem – let’s talk about how it all starts!

Symptoms to watch out for

If you’re experiencing bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea frequently – then I have good news! You might most likely have IBS. What joy!

However to confirm this assumption,it is wise to seek proper medical advice as these symptoms can also mimic other diseases like Crohn’s disease (more joy).

Medical tests

For conclusive proof of your condition an array of medical test are available:

  • Colonoscopy: A camera examining the large intestine….
  • Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy : Another camera but up your upper track …
    to mention only a few. Just make sure not to get too attached with those cameras inside of you.

Available Treatments

Now that we’ve established that indeed something seems wrong in the depths below… Let’s dive into what can be done.

Shifts in lifestyle (Yes, life)

An improvement in routine(mostly) this has very positive effect on IBS, which tends to flare up with Stress/ Anxiety.
How ?
Well because tension triggers certain hormones aka neuro-hormones(wow!) within our body…. Still here?
These hormones help regulate digestive activity-and when a person is anxious or nervous they may release stress hormones such as cortisol and noradrenaline … leading them further down unhappy digestive lane .

No need threaten(bully?) yourself more right? Try engaging in exercise or meditation/stress reduction techniques (DM me if curious about my favourite meditation channels).

Dietary Changes

As we all know or may still be learning, food can make us happier and pukish? In the case of IBS your gastrointestinal tract will thank you for some foods allow better absorption/ digestion as well as lessening inflammation. (Who Knew?!)

What to nibble on?

  • Lean Protein : chicken , fish
  • Low FODMAP Diet: seems trendy but hey try it out. (Thumbs up!)
  • Soluble Fiber( So food type not phone reminder): oats, barley

Now, do keep note of what triggers discomfort following a meal or precisely when the urge hits so you can quickly call quits.

Over-The Counter (OTC) Treatments

When this fiery IBS strikes there are available medications that could provide relief with little to no adverse effect:

Loperamide(Antidiarrheal OTC drug)actually regulated small & large intestine movements(thank you science!).

Also atropine- a medication aimed at slowing down mobility in bowel movement by overriding the normal rhythmic contractions leading(I kid you not ) to regulation in stool production .

Little warning though -be careful not turn into a walking zombie even if it does sound entertaining .

The area of medical treatment

So sometimes lifestyle changes just isn’t enough.. What now?
Integrative medicine offers varieties from psychological therapies techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), hypnotherapy-a gut directed focus i.e relieving substress via brain entrainment and many more…so don’t fret yet! Also for more solution optins Non-absorbable antibiotics definitely also have positive effects .

Probiotics; yea we’ve heard of them before surely!. The collection and gathering microorganisms trend is encouraging much laughter these days (I mean good bacteria?) however taking regularly they reduce abdominal discomfort like bloating AND improve digestion. So why not let those microbes in, just be sure to do so following your physician’s advice (The MD/PhD combo know our bodies better than anyone… Mostly).

LAST Results

As you can imagine that some cases are resistant to relief with these treatments.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it is entirely incurable though.(Sorry for the false hope)

In conclusion , While IBS may have no exhaustive cure yet(Sighs) ;the truth is that there does exist a plethora of options one could explore before resorting to drastic choices but then when all else fails- Rebel against status quo and add something funky to your diet(spice up life right?) .