Can i use makeup after microneedling?

So, you’ve just undergone a microneedling procedure to improve your skin’s texture and overall appearance, but the critical question remains: can you use makeup after microneedling? Fear not; we’ve got answers to all of your burning questions.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that has become increasingly popular over recent years. It involves puncturing tiny holes into the surface of the skin using fine needles from 0.5mm to up to 2mm in length(ouch). The process stimulates collagen and elastin production which contributes significantly to smoother, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles(You’re welcome!).

Now let’s dive right into answering our primary question!

When Can I Start Wearing Makeup After Microneedling?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding microneedling is how soon one can start wearing makeup after undergoing the procedure (I mean fair enough since beauty is everything darling!) While there isn’t necessarily an exact timeframe as everyone reacts differently post-treatment (genetics also play a part here!), experts recommend waiting at least twenty-four hours before applying any cosmetics on the treated area.

It would be best if you gave your wounds/needle pricks ample time to heal correctly. Applying makeup too quickly might lead to irritation or even cause infection(Woah go slow girlfriend!).

However(Here come my favorite words…drum roll please..), it doesn’t mean that you can start piling layers of foundation onto your new baby smooth skin feelings like Rihanna does with Fenty Beauty Magical Setting Powder haha!. Keep it light and breezy!(Same goes for boys out there who have finally decided skincare ain’t girlie anymore!)

What Kind Of Cosmetics Can You Use?

While technically, nothing should stop anyone from wearing any type of cosmetics they want post-procedure(I’m going to give you a shocked millennial face RN), it is essential to keep in mind that some products are better suited than others for this specific period(Girl ignore the Chanel bag here and focus!).

Firstly, try at all times to opt for high-quality brands, especially those with minimal chemicals. As much as possible, choose makeup products made with gentle formulas/ingredients that won’t irritate your skin any further(no we don’t want redness cos fashion faux pas!).Ensure reading labels carefully before purchasing.

Secondly (Pulling out my skincare specialist card now!),keep yourself moisturized preferably by using fragrance-free lotions or serums post-treatment. Hydration is crucial after microneedling; it helps soothe irritated skin and serve as an excellent base before applying makeup (Darlin notes: hydrated > mummified)

How To Apply Your Makeup After Microneedling?

While waiting a day or two post-microneedling may seem like torture when all you want to do is show off your new look, patience will reward you (Think positive!)

Here are guidelines on how best to apply makeup while serving looks!

Step One: Gently Cleanse Your Skin

Start by washing delicately the treated area of your face using oil-free facial cleansers or warm water(No vigorous scrubbing allowed! sips mimosa)

Gentle cleaning removes any debris from open punctures left during microneedling which can delay healing(more healing!! Woohoo!).

Step Two: Nourish And Moisturize Your Skin

Applying a light layer of hyaluronic acid serum and hydrating lotion both nourishes the skin as well as prepares it for cosmetic application(Hyalu what?). It keeps our divas glowing even without highlighttouché.

Give these hydration-boosting agents time(if only skincare & success had the same timeline! shakes head), approx 30 minutes to absorb into your skin before moving on.

Step Three: Apply Your Makeup

You can now proceed and apply makeup, but you must endeavor to keep it light(“Of course i want to look effortless darling!”)

Start with a mineral-based foundation, powder, or concealer that helps cover any redness created by microneedling without clogging pores(Duh!).

If using a brush(the bigger the better!), ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand

Remember(I will always do): less is more when applying makeup after microneedling(<–let’s all agree)!


To wrap it up (Please don’t forget we are wrapping in Chanel tissue paper here!Treat yourself honey!), yes you can use(Finally!!) make-up after undergoing Microneedling treatment, however not immediately.The prime take home point today(xoxo): Patience is key(Hello!).It would help if you waited for at least twenty-four hours and be gentle and selective(mindful of product ingredients). And ”Voila”(kisses hand)… You’d see our divas shining brighter than ever.(As they say- “A little glow never hurt nobody”!)

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