Can i use indian clay mask everyday?

Do you often find yourself wondering if you could use an Indian clay mask every day to achieve that flawless, glowing skin? Well, look no further as we dive into the world of Indian clay masks and their everyday usage.


When it comes to skincare routines, a good face mask should always be on your list. Face masks provide intensive nourishment and hydration to the skin. They help remove impurities from deep within pores, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow giving your skin a healthy glow. Among popular types of face masks are charcoal masks, sheet masks or mud/clay-based ones and among them all is an Indian Clay Mask with its legendary detoxifying properties.

What Are Indian Clay Masks?

Indian Clay Masks have been used for centuries in India for various reasons but mainly for their detoxifying effects on the body’s largest organ – our skin! Also known as Multani Mitti (meaning ‘mud from Multan’ in Hindi), it is made up of natural clays found exclusively in India known for their antimicrobial properties which help combat acne-causing bacteria.

Fun Fact: Traditional stick lacquer work uses this type of mud extensively throughout Asia!

Benefits Of Using An Indian Clay Mask Every Day

We all want beautiful glowing skin don’t we? Here are some benefits that may convince you why using an indian clay mask can change your life:

1) Removes Excess Sebum And Impurities

Our faces accumulate dirt, oil build ups and pollution daily hence regular clogged pores which leads to acne-prone or dull-looking patches. The high absorbency rate of clay helps lift away congested areas while removing excessive sebum lodged deep within pores leaving behind clearer brighter complexion ready for makeup application after cleansing off excess residue.

2) Gently Exfoliates Skin

Clay particles are naturally abrasive so when applied onto complexions they gently buff away dead skin cells which in turn leaves behind soft smooth new layer of baby-like skin hence diminishing noticeable pores and even help with fine wrinkles too.

3) Controls Oil Production

With regular use, clay masks can reduce the production of sebum by controlling excess oil obtained from different parts of facial area. Since over-production leads to unsightly breakouts or inflammation, this product will keep it at bay for more manageable pH-balance smoothing out tones all around.

4) Soothing Skin Irritation And Inflammation

Clay is known to calm inflamed tissues especially when mixed essential oils that balances distressed and irritated areas of t-zone. The ancient practice used natural ingredients derived from nature often incorporated turmeric (known as ‘Queens spice’) due to its antiseptic abilities to achieve an overall relaxed feel across affected zones leaving a rejuvenating fresh feel after every wash-off.

How To Use Indian Clay Masks Everyday

Before you get carried away though, we suggest consulting your dermatologist if you have highly-sensitive/reactive skins since daily application may not be suited for some people. But if approved; here’s what you need:

  • A chilled metal mixing bowl
  • Multani Mitti/Indian Clay Powder (we recommend All Natural Indian Healing Clay)
  • Rose Water/Witch hazel/Turmeric Paste/Mixed Oils(you choose!)
  • Metal tablespoon
    It’s best done twice a day; once it morning hydrates throughout day while once before bed helps healing tenderness overnight but whether based on preference or schedule only once is needed is fine!

Step By Step

1) Mix desired portion Multani Mitti powder followed by liquid medium (use measuring spoon)
2) Stir well till texture reaches evenly distributed homogeneous mix
3) Using fingertips apply pea-sized amounts focusing primarily oily/acne-prone T-Zone prone areas
4) Wait up-to 10 minutes or until mask dries
5) Gently remove excess residue by rinsing off with warm water and drying face with clean towel.

Precautions To Take

As a natural product used everyday, there are some precautions to ensure maximum effectiveness such as:

  • Always performing patch tests on small area first because not all skin types react consistently likewise.
  • Using only filtered/pure rose water while mixing ingredients together.
  • Avoid touching your eyes/ears/lips when applying it near them since some ingredients can be irritating to these areas.

And that’s about it! So whether you choose going for soothing vegan drink-infused facial packs or concoct something earthy and traditional based on family practices incorporating essential oils/clays/metal bowls – rest assured, Multani Mitti has always been the ultimate way of achieving healthier cleaner-looking skins each day whilst being relatively cheap too!

In conclusion, It’s safe yet most importantly; effective in giving the results people crave more than any other overpriced chemical formula (seriously who wants harmful chemicals rubbing onto their sensitive skins). Do drop us line/comment/tag from before-after pictures we really would love seeing how happy our readers can get after reading this article.

Go ahead try it already! What have you got to lose?? Well aside maybe like 8 bucks tops lol

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