Can i use distilled water in my humidifier?

Distilled water is often recommended by most humidifier manufacturers and is considered the best water to use in a humidifier device. Your regular water supply may contain minerals, bacteria, and other harmful viruses that can be risky for your body when gets in contact through humidification.

Why you should use quality filtered water in humidifier? Well, the quality of water you use inside a room humidifier plays an important role in providing clean, moist air to breathe-in. It is therefore important that water you use in your humidifier should always be filtered or distilled – avoid using regular tap water.

Why should you use filtered water in a humidifier? Another good reason to use purified and filtered water in your humidifier is to help prolong the life of your unit. Humidifiers have the tendency to project minerals found in tap water to the air, leading to crusty buildup or deposits in the unit itself. In turn,…

Why using purified water in your humidifier is better? Using filtered, purified water also has an added benefit of prolonging the life of humidifiers. Humidifiers-especially the impeller or ultrasonic types-project minerals in tap water or well water with high mineral content into the air.

What type of water should I use for my humidifier?

What Is the Best Water for a Humidifier?

  • Distilled Water. Let’s start with why this kind of water is best for your humidifier.
  • Purified Water. This kind of water is almost the same as distilled water, the difference lying only in the way it’s purified.
  • Bottled Water. Normally, you’d choose bottled water for your humidifier, if not tap water.
  • Boiled Water.
  • Demineralized Water.

Why is using purified water in your humidifier is better?

Why is using purified water in your humidifier is better? This in turn leads to a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful pollutants. When you use filtered, purified water, those minerals have been filtered out, leaving pure water to use in your humidifier.

Which is the best type of humidifier to use? Consumer Reports outlines three basic types of humidifiers. Tabletop humidifiers have small tanks with enough space to hold water to humidify one room. Console humidifiers are larger than tabletop humidifiers and store enough water to humidify more than one room.

Is it OK to use tap water in a humidifier? As mentioned before, using tap water in a humidifier can leave back colored mineral deposits in the humidifier tank as the molecules of water get evaporated off. These particles are the contaminants that are usually present in the regular tap water or hard water that comes directly from your supply.

Can you use reverse osmosis in a humidifier? My second choice of water to be used in a humidifier is water that has been purified by reverse osmosis. A great alternative to home distilling is having a home reverse osmosis system, which will create very pure water, not only for your humidifier but for drinking as well.