Can i use differin under my eyes?

Hmm, putting differin under your eyes is probably not the best idea. That skin is very delicate and differin might be too harsh. You should try a “vanishing” cream, or skin lightener. Avon makes one that is about $10.

What to do when your skin is irritated from Differin Gel? The early skin irritation that sometimes occurs when using Differin Gel is known as retinization, which is the adjustment period when your skin adapts to the retinoid. Using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer may help decrease dryness and other signs of irritation.

Is the Differin Gel for acne FDA approved? Is Differin Gel FDA approved? Yes, Differin Gel (adapalene 0.1%) is FDA-approved for over-the-counter treatment of acne ( acne vulgaris ). For more than 20 years, doctors have prescribed the retinoid found in Differin Gel to over 40 million people globally.

How long does it take Differin Gel to retinize? Irritation usually lessens after four weeks of continued, once-daily use. It’s also important to note that some never experience retinization. This simply means Differin Gel is still working under the surface of the skin without causing any irritation.

Can you mix retinol with Moisturizer under eyes? “You can begin by mixing your retinol with a moisturizer,” adds Dr. Frieling, as a way to see if it works for your skin. “A little goes a long way—use a pea-sized amount for the entire eye area,” she says.

Are there any side effects with Differin Gel?

Are there any side effects with Differin Gel? But before you achieve your best skin, you may experience a few mild side effects that subside after about week 4. Overall, Differin Gel has superior tolerability compared to other retinoid acne treatments that don’t contain adapalene. Common side effects include dryness, redness, irritation and burning/stinging.

What should I expect with Differin acne treatment? Because skipping days could lead to a problem. Make Differin Gel a part of your daily skincare routine to keep the problems away. You may see some mild redness or irritation on the treated area. Don’t freak out.

What’s the best way to put Differin on your face? The best way to put it on is to just break up this amount into differin quadrants for your face. Put one dot on the forehead, a dot on each cheek and a dot on each side of the chin. Massage up and out for your forehead, down and around for your cheeks and the sides of your face, and then upwards for your chin.

How long to wait before applying Differin Gel? Wait five to 15 minutes before applying Differin Gel; when your skin is still absorbent, you increase your risk for unpleasant side effects, regardless of which topical medication you use. Use only as much Differin Gel as your dermatologist advises.