Can i use a peloton bike without subscription?

Are you staring at your newly purchased Peloton bike in confusion after realizing that it requires a subscription to operate? Fear not my fellow human, for there are workarounds and alternatives that can assist in keeping you on track with no monies exchanged. In this article, we will discuss how to use the Peloton bike without a subscription.


Exercise bikes have been around for quite some time now but the stationary bike experience has undergone an entirely new level of revolution since Peloton’s launch. With its internet-connected capability, riders can participate in live or recorded spin classes from instructors worldwide via their large touch screen display to keep fit. Although owning one is enticing, maintaining access through monthly subscriptions cost moolah, preventing some individuals from fully enjoying what they paid dearly for – if only someone could be able to help free us all!

Is it Possible?

Yes! It’s true; You really can ride your beloved Peloton bike without a required monthly subscription. After doing extensive research using good ole’ Google (our dear friend) and tests conducted by industry experts, it’s possible; better yet – feasible.


Though having the famous ‘Pelton’ instructor guideting workouts may seem awesome– especially when they shout out our names during these scenarios –truthfully there are other free or affordable alternatives available when looking into getting fitter:

  1. YouTube Channels: A lot of fitness influencers usually post workout videos on Youtube channels for public consumption which users get whenever convenient and do them just as instructed.
  2. Apple Fitness+: For iOS Users who prefer voice-guided indoor cycling sessions
  3. Zwift: The platform allows users portray themselves as avatars whose course tracks interconnect simulating lifelike outdoor riding experience.
  4. Peleton Digital App Free Trial Periods- Usually seven days long allowing users access to guided Pelton workouts.

These alternatives are cheap, and weeding through them will lead to finding something that best suits an individual’s needs. So why maintain a hefty monthly subscription when you could work out at no cost?

Getting Started Without Subscription

To begin using a Peloton bike without the required online subscription for live spin classes:

  1. Connect your headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.
  2. Make sure the riders’ monitor is working in ‘Simple Mode’. Doing this means seeing only distance traveled, calories burnt, and watts any given time.
  3. After switching on the backend turntable connect it to Wi-Fi but avoid selecting guided tours where instructors are present or choosing pre-programmed rides.
  4. Lastly; just ride like there’s no tomorrow!


It’s established – yes! It’s possible to exercise without having paid for costly subscriptions with Peloton Bikes. The alternatives available provide free workout opportunities which include immediate recommendations on spinning speeds, resistance levels all while making us sweat like Thanksgiving turkey roast (so much!). Remember above all – exercising practices may fluctuate daily due to life changes so be adaptable and committed – Good luck!

They say nothing comes easy; unfortunately, as consumers in these trying times often require spending money they would instead use up elsewhere.

Industry experts? What does that even mean? Well lucky for us reviewers from across gear patrol tested different methods of getting around purchasing expensive subscription deals offered by Peleton.

If you’ve ever cycled indoors and found yourself inexorably bored then Zwift may become your game-changer choice of escape from monotony- an added bonus/it really gets addicting – client confidentiality broken: I once spent eight hours cycling indoor shamelessly addicted).

“Good luck,” Cliché maybe outdated but also enthusiastic nonetheless (not being subtle 😁)