Can i take percocet with flexeril?

Let’s get one thing clear: if you’re here looking for a sober, medical advice on whether or not you can take Percocet and Flexeril together, then my friend, you’ve come to the wrong place.

But hey! It’s okay. We’ll still have some fun figuring it out.

What is Percocet?

For those of you who are absolutely innocent and pure (more power to ya), let me introduce you to the joys of Percocet.

It’s basically good ol’ Oxycodone mixed with Acetaminophen- which soothes your pain mill faster than that one member in your Netflix binging partners squad who never falls asleep midway through Friends reruns.

And yes- before we forget – it’s a prescription drug. So unless prescribed by the doctor, hands off!

Enter Flexeril

Now this buddy; used to relax(??) skeletal muscle(not like they ask much anyway). Yeah remember that night before Christmas when Aunt Joan kept mentioning her achy back again and again? Yup! She popped the same pill Flexeril.

BONUS: Just like Joey from Friends didn’t share his food items; Muscles don’t have plans of sharing their pills!

Okay wait up!

Excitation might be creeping around hearing about both these pills but- holdup!

Before humans started popping chewable vitamins, there were reasons behind prescriptions limiting certain medication consumption combos(makes sense right?). Mixed impacts on your psychological balance such as dizziness, lightheadedness & confusion are something no regular person would look forward too(in layman’s terms : NOT COOL).

Entering our Bold Text, it can escalate side-effects everything upon ingestion till eternity.

Anyhow what did our dear medicos suggest regarding these two?

What Do “The Experts” say?

when experts suddenly become unresponsive and urge you to google it on asking something like this, Don’t worry! we’ve covered your back.

However consulting a doctor rules out all risks associated with drug interaction.

Psst, skip the expensive medical advice mid-pandemic!

Hang On

Okay biologically speaking- Let’s clear some air. That’s one thing these hunky stuff don’t tango well together.

An abrupt overdose of over-the-counter medication is nothing short of an acrobatic feat; plus it could prove fatal for humans(like FATAL-as in Good-bye-Krypton). A few examples can include:



3.Breathing issues

4.speaking/expressing yourself coherently

That said popping pills like candy without proper supervision from professionals just doesn’t make any sense!

Research Time

Alright folks! let’s get down to business. While we don’t actually promote anything lethal or possibly harmful(doctors exist for a reason), The usual follow-up question would be “what science has to say about this combo” Instead of destroying my college degree by saying that surely gonna kill someone let me tell you what I found.

Scientific Studies And Safety Measures

It appeared quite simple during my digging: central nervous system depression occurs when both opioids and muscle relaxants are mixed together—resulting in potential sedative effects.

This makes patients prone to respiratory distress if they end up taking Percocet and Flexeril concurrently.

Scary right? So why take any chance?

But wait there’s more——Of course!
There are various situations where two medications may have beneficial interactions, so long as taken appropriately causing minimum side-effects(read minimal not zero!)

So how do I handle such a risky situation?
Let’s find out!

Seeking Medical Advice

If you’re planning on going this route—consulting a doctor is always the best possible approach. Your healthcare provider can review your medications, assess how each may interact with one another(free of cost) and provide clear-cut instructions on when to take these drugs without any expected complications.

And let’s not forget – You should never mix prescription meds unless seen fit by competent professionals.

A win-win situation!

Want to risk it all solo? Then stay with us for some more added info about why you SKİPPED THE MEDICO!

What if I Choose to Go Without Doctor’s Opinion?

In case, again not promoting any kind of self-destructive behavior, It might be useful for people who don’t have access to medical advice due to current pandemic or financial issues(atleast try earning Covid dollars selling handmade face masks).

But before jumping into such dangerous terrains- Let me tell our heroes : When both opioid pain-relievers and muscle relaxants are taken together in higher-than-recommended doses, the outcome can be deadly.

Stick around folks! This gets even better,

Just like making your aunt love YOU(yes finally!) , there are ways underlining potential risks that could occur from taking too much of medication.

Calculating Dosage Limits

So if you’re deciding on popping pills either way…
(Hey food makes life fascinating imao)

Here’s what You Can Do:

1.Know The Exact Dosages:

It would mean knowing whether flexeril actually supplements after percocet dies away (not literally). A quantity chart hand-written down somewhere won’t hurt anyone.

2.Go Slow:

One at a time maestros(maestro stands out), start devouring slowly(if required) .

Again no rush; No surprises too!

Too lazy writing them down? We’ve got ya buddy,
Table Time!

Dosage Recommendation Percocet flexeril
Maximum Daily Dose 12 tablets 3 tablets

Wanna recall that?

Final Word

So, Can I take Percocet and Flexeril? The final answer is a big “NO!”

While perhaps not the most satisfactory click-bait conclusion (Yes, we caught your attention), it’s vital to remember that placing your health in unnecessary danger isn’t worth the risk.

But if you still decide to go ahead with it-Well then may god be with you!(just kidding)

Please Remember : Consult expert advice before consumption of anything medicinal folks!

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