Can i take nyquil and pseudoephedrine?

You have a cold, the sniffling, sneezing, coughing kind that leaves you miserable. You look for remedies to treat it, and among the many options on shelves at your local pharmacy are NyQuil and pseudoephedrine. But can you take them together? Read on to find out.

Understanding Nyquil

Before we dive into whether or not you can mix these two medications let’s understand what each one does. Nyquil is an over-the-counter medication designed to relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu such as fever, runny nose, cough, nasal congestion†and sore throat. It contains four active ingredients:

  • Acetaminophen – A pain reliever used to reduce fevers.
  • Dextromethorphan HBr – Suppresses the cough reflex in our brain.
  • Doxylamine succinate – Sedates us which helps us fall asleep when suffering from a bad cold/flu.
  • And finally..the star ingredient- Phenylephrine HCI!

We’ll come back more about Phenylephrine HCI soon..

What is Pseudoephedrine?

Now coming onto Pesudo…yes!!! It sounds like those hair bands popular in 80s but its effects are far less benign than scrunchies! This active ingredient found in many OTC decongestants like Sudafed treats sinus congestion by narrowing blood vessels thereby decreasing the inflammation happening inside our noses.Now that we’ve discussed both types of medicine separately,let’s get down to business: Can they be combined safely?

Mixing Medications:

Typically combining drugs with similar properties is never cordial always!! Synergistic Effects usually happen when this is attempted creating unwanted attributes-resulting even death (Yes !). Some medicines might counteract others making them completely ineffective while potentially triggering more health issues. That being said, let’s take a look at how these two drugs interact with one another.

Phenylephrine HCI & Decongestion

Earlier we mentioned that the standout ingredient in Nyquil called phenylephrine HCl. This active ingridient comes from a family of medications known as decongestions which helps to alleviate congestion by shrinking blood vessels’ entering our noses and reducing swelling.

So you have a stuffy nose caused due to cold/flu symptoms. Taking Nyquil flips the switch on and starts blocking receptors responsible for causing our noses to run( woo hoo) whilst also forcing mucous out of nasal cavity-Which is exactly what you want it to do! Sounds like your airways are now open? Well not entirely..

When these blocked vessels start opening up, It triggers inflammation again leading somehow more puffiness in our nasal passages..and thats where pseudoephrine comes handy!!

So Should They Be Combined?

Now coming back around….Pseudoephedrine is known for its effectiveness cleaning blockages/clogs allowing us almost forget about they existed before.With nyquil doing some work during night(Please everyone needs a good nights sleep especially when sick!!!),taking Sudafed during can provide strong relief delaying onset of heavy breathing or sneezing turning sinus infection into pneumonia (Good Heavens!!).

We strongly suggest consulting your healthcare provider before mixing any medication even if it’s just over-the-counter medicine like NyQuil and Sudafed .While Neither NyQuil or Sudafed has life threatening sides effects-we know Individual Physiology differs meaning fact pattern arising based on individuals might lead to unexpected results.Give them both time separate them taking after other never together would love yourself this winter season !!


In conclusion ,yes you can taken both together but prudence always wins while dealing with health matters, thus it would be best to call a doctor before you make such a move.

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