Can i take evening primrose oil while on birth control?

As a result, a December 2009 article published in the American Family Physician recommended, The use of evening primrose oil during pregnancy is not supported in the literature and should be avoided.

Can you take evening primrose oil with the pill? Answer. Evening primrose oil is taken by many women and is particularly helpful for the treatment of painful breasts. Many of the women who take evening primrose oil (also known as gamolenic acid, or Efamast) are also taking the oral contraceptive pill. There is no evidence that there is any interaction between evening primrose oil…

Is it safe to take primrose oil while pregnant? Pregnant women should not take evening primrose oil because of the potential for complications. Before taking evening primrose oil, or any other supplement, talk to your doctor about potential risks and drug interactions. Even so-called natural supplements should be used with caution.

When is it safe to stop taking evening primrose? Don’t take evening primrose if you have a bleeding disorder. Oral use of the supplement might increase the risk of bleeding. If you’re planning to have surgery, stop taking evening primrose two weeks beforehand. Also, don’t take evening primrose if you have epilepsy or schizophrenia. The supplement might increase your risk of seizures.

Is there an iteraction between evening primrose oil and estrogen? Yes there is no iteraction between the two. Evening Primrose oil is a essential fatty acids and is often used for painful breasts which can occur before a menstrual period due to hormone changes. This usually occurs before Menopause. I presently take this because I also take estrogen/progesterone occasionally…

How to take evening primrose for weight loss?

How to take evening primrose for weight loss? How to take evening primrose oil for weight loss . To incorporate the evening primrose oil supplement into your diet and reduce your appetite, it is advisable to take 2 capsules or beads per day. Remember to accompany them with some water and take them just before meals.

What is evening primrose tablets good for? Benefits of Evening Primrose strengthens the immune system and accelerates metabolism of evening primrose; it is also effective in removing excess toxins from the body. The benefits of the evening primrose are not limited to these but can be listed as follows. Sponsored Link.

Can evening primrose oil cause stomach problems? However, the use of evening primrose oil supplements may cause side effects such as upset stomach, headache, nausea, and diarrhea. Stomach pain and loose stools or diarrhea may indicate that the dose is too high.

Does evening primrose oil help period pain? Often known as EPO, evening primrose oil is said to be effective for menstrual cramps, period pain, acne, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, irregular periods and heavy menstrual periods.It may seem that this is a large amount of menstrual cycle symptoms that claim to be treated effectively by EPO.