Can i take buscopan and naproxen together?

Are you one of those people who would rather take two pills at once to cure their misery? Well, if it is related to abdominal pain and inflammation, then a combination of buscopan and naproxen may cross your mind. That’s not a bad idea, but before taking any step forward let’s dive deeper into the world of these drugs.

Introducing Buscopan

Buscopan is an antispasmodic used to alleviate gastrointestinal pain caused by muscular spasms in the abdomen or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It works by relaxing the muscles around the intestines and stomach, which can provide relief from cramps or spasms.

Fun Fact: The active ingredient in this drug is hyoscine butylbromide which acts as an anticholinergic agent that helps reduce muscle contractions. Try asking someone if they know what hyoscine butylbromide is- they might think it’s a new type of ancient dinosaur or something!

Say Hello To Naproxen

Naproxen on the other hand belongs to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) category that provides relief from fever, swelling caused due to inflammation such as arthritis or menstruation cramps etc., also minor pains like headache or toothache are treated with Naproxen Sodium.

Side Note: NSAIDs are different than Opioids – these two have separate mechanisms for treating pain conditions respectively.

What Happens When These Two Are Mixed?

As previously mentioned,buscopan relaxes intestinal muscles while naproxen treats inflammatory symptoms keeping headaches,muscle ache aside so many individuals erroneously assume combining them isn’t harmful unlike mixing sleeping medication with cough medicine.

Though both belong under pharmacotherapeutic groups that deal with opposite signs yet there’s no harm together when recommended dosage criteria is met. Furthermore, buscopan may even add some extra comfort to naproxen’s impact when treating ab pain discomfort.

It is noteworthy here that doctor consultation should always be undertaken before any new combinations are made as experts might have seen countless situations of similar nature and can give a more clarified opinion; So why take chances? Aim for the safe side with any challenging health conditions!

When Not To Use Buscopan And Naproxen Together

Like most medications out there, big or small Buscopan and Naproxen too come with their share of ‘Don’ts.’ Here we’ll discuss in which particular circumstances this drug combi shouldn’t be used under any circumstance:

Stomach Ulcer Condition

Using both these medicines may increase risk towards stomach ulcers particularly if used alongside prolonged courses of time without sufficient monitoring whereby GPs observe constantly for adverse reactions.

Kidney And/Or Heart Disease In Elderly Patients

NSAIDs are linked to raised risks associated concerning renal failure caused from reduction of bloodstream peeping through kidneys hence leading those taking it more prone onto acute kidney complications alongwith being dangerous for patients suffering from heart disease regardless elderly people must remain vigilant on such issues whilst consulting healthcare expert prior going ahead using medications in question.

Side Note: It has been suggested that exercising at least half an hour per day reduces risk factors involving cardiac disorders significantly with knee-friendly non-impact routines such as cycling or power walking / etc recommended widely!

Dosage Consideration: How Much Is Too Much?

Consulting healthcare professionals about right dosage plan for medication is critical ensuring constant evaluation so as not stepping outside recommendations will exacerbate symptoms making already bad condition worse (requiring hospitalisation) rather ease things down eventually – Indeed getting cure doesn’t necessarily equate stomaching overdose ills additionally check expiry dates while opening bottle..

Since both drugs work differently, the doses required also differ from each other. Buscopan tablets work best at 3 or 4 times a day with no more than twice in a row while on the other hand Naproxen Sodium capsules are to be integrated with meals usually once daily.

Little Tip: Take both pills during lunch if missed morning meds for boosting immunity when it is truly needed!

Possible Side Effects To Be Aware Of

When taking multiple kinds of medicines, Drug Interactions could occur causing devastating results that even experts can’t handle later on – so please remember one important thing here: everything must be consumed within recommended boundaries only as any overdosage could trigger possible side effects such as these listed below:

  • Somnolence (Sleepiness/ Alertness Reduced)
  • Blurred Vision
  • Psychiatric Disorders Towards Over-Mood Swings,
    Anxiety and Restlessness etc.
  • Memory Impairment General Loss Regarding Cognitive Functionality|

Hence, always check doctor’s recommendation before any pill popping routine!


In conclusion, yes you may take both buscopan and naproxen together but don’t forget to observe necessary precautions discussed earlier regarding combining the two drugs.

Also bear in mind: self-medicating isn’t worth consequences time or money-wise! If symptoms ever feel intense subsequently upon using combined regimen see health professional immediately – Remember caution counts especially when choosing between medication options available today!

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