Can i straighten permed hair?

If you’re anything like me and have been blessed with hair that seems to have a mind of its own, then chances are you’ve tried multiple hairstyles over the years. At some point in your life, you might have gotten a perm – those tight curls that worked great for the 80s digital watch commercial but not quite so fashionable now. But what if you’ve had enough of the curls and want to know if straightening permed hair is possible? In this article, we answer this question and more.

What Is A Perm?

Before we can get into whether or not it’s possible to straighten permed hair (hint: it is), let’s discuss what exactly a perm is in case you’re unfamiliar with the term. A perm – short for permanent wave – is a chemical treatment done on one’s hair designed to make it curly or wavy. It works by breaking down protein bonds in each strand of hair and reshaping them using chemicals such as ammonium thioglycolate or hydrogen peroxide.

The Dos and Don’ts Before Straightening Your Perm

Now that we know what a perm actually entails, let’s talk about how we can fix this hairstyle disaster (I jest; perms can be cool). Believe it or not, fixing your completely permed locks actually requires much less effort than expected! Here are some dos-and-don’ts before proceeding:

Do Be Gentle When Combing Hair

After getting your curly ‘do at the salon’, our first instinct would be to enjoy them by running our fingers through them like there’s no tomorrow or brushing harshly against an undertow . More often than not though, our fingers may end up snagging strands together forcefully resulting in damage leaving broken ends from unwanted pulling. As soon as possible lay off heavy combing/brushing to avoid creating big, tangled messes that can lead to further harm.

Don’t Do It Too Quickly

While it’s true that you can straighten permed hair, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions before doing so. The last thing anyone wants is for their hair to get damaged in the process. This would mean properly conditioning your hair and waiting a few days after getting your permanent waves before attempting anything drastic like straightening them out with hot tools (more on this later).

Do Use Heat Protectant Spray And A Quality Straightener

Using reputable brands of heat protectant sprays during hemming up has proven itself several times over as a lifesaver preventing long-lasting damage done by high temperature devices. In addition having quality irons such as ceramic or titanium would go along way in giving long term benefits such as locks retaining moisture whilst keeping tangles at bay

Methods For Straightening Permed Hair

Now for the good stuff: how exactly do we straighten our perm? Well fear not, because there are multiple ways to achieve those beautiful smooth locks without frying your curls off completely! Here are some methods:

1. Traditional Rollers

Rolling ones’ mane through traditional soft rollers overnight and leaving them help create permanent defined tendrils until one wishes to style differently using better texture qualities that gel nicely with current beauty regimen.

2. Blow Dry Yo’

For those who aren’t quite ready yet (or too scared) for flat iron curling rods or just curious enough about what results they’d see after blowing heated air against dried curly strands directly from dryer machines then trying dusted blows might be something worth trying but always use product safeguard spray beforehand otherwise risk fried crispy ends!

3. Flat Irons Are Your Friends…sometimes!

Flat irons have quickly become an essentials tool over recent decades since their inception dating back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. While a useful tool, all isn’t rosy when using this contraption in straightening mane gone haplessly curly such is the risk of what we call further damage caused by excessive or repetitive heating. Best use therefore, as aforementioned are quality irons like ceramic ones which have better curl maintaining abilities throughout relaxer sessions

4. Relaxers Are Not Always Effective

Finally perhaps one might consider perm relaxing solutions to achieve smooth, sleek hair – however much caution needs taking since weakness and breakages gone rampant due to lack of proper blending hair preparations without including inflammatory heat transfer! It’s also important to do additional research on the appropriate steps before diving into this process.


As mentioned earlier, there are some precautions that you should take before attempting to straighten your permed locks.

Educate Yourself On Safe Beauty Practices!

Firstly always educate oneself on basic safe beauty practices applicable during perm application i.e reading instructions carefully from necessary sources prior undertaking any work so as not create unworkable scenarios later down line designed destroy good looks once for all! Seek advice even from experienced individuals willing share insights

Stay Hydrated And Moisturized

Secondly ensure water intake/ hydration levels remain at optimum level throughout day given effects dehydration can cause harm long term being beneficial for instance hydrating with herbal teas than sugary drinks will provide benefits in longer run as well keeping replenished with natural oil treatments such argan oils or Shea butter lotions which seem be ripe ingredients catering specifically our hairs moisture needs hugely helpful especially when dealing damaged ends needs protecting strengthen otherwise end up frayed splitting sadly rather quickly potentially requiring other styling remedies next round perms!.

In Conclusion

In conclusion… (drumroll please) – yes!!! You can most undoubtedly straighten your permed hair if done right and responsibly enough folks! Just remember those crucial techniques Tips & tricks; making sure figure out right course of action beforehand so no damaging fiascos occur hence hiding under sunhats remains last resort for everyone in this situation!