Can i put vagisil inside?

Vagisil, the anti-itch cream that has helped millions of women ease their vaginal itch and dryness, is a popular medication. But sometimes we wonder if there’s more to it than just using it externally. With so many rumors and questions about whether or not we can use it internally, the big question remains—can I put Vagisil inside?

We’ve researched this topic extensively and are here to provide you with all the information you require in one place. So grab your favorite beverage and a comfortable seat as we take you on an exciting ride through the world of vaginas.

What Is Vagisil And How Does It Work?

Before answering whether or not we should use it internally, let’s first explore what Vagisil is made of and how it works.

Vagisil contains two active ingredients – benzocaine (anesthetic) which helps numb itching sensations while lidocaine hydrochloride has pain-relieving properties alleviating burning sensations that often come along with vaginal discomfort.

The product also contains other inactive ingredients such as mineral oil, boric acid among others which play important roles in enhancing effectiveness by supporting healing processes around sensitive tissues.

Did you know? The pH level of healthy vagina stays between 3.8 & 4.5

When applied topically to external genitalia like labia minora/majora i.e vulva area only most products advise washing off after treatment allowing for absorption into bloodstream then subsequent distribution throughout over time via enzymes known as cytochromes found within liver tissue — this method prevents further irritation from prolonged exposure since skin surrounding genitals often more sensitive during periods menstrual cycle post-partum recovery etcetera due hormonal fluctuation changes going natural bacterial colonies thriving down there!

However brace yoruself!, if too much vagasil gets onto clothing strips any clothing thread of its dyeing and natural color!

So, Can I Put Vagisil Inside?

The simple answer is NO. You should not insert Vagisil cream or any other similar product into your vagina.

As stated on the label of most Vagisil products “external use only“. By inserting it deep inside your canal , you run the risk of various complications including infections that could lead to severe health problems over time if left untreated —something we do not want!

Internal application – Although marketed as a cure for yeast infection, extended internal exposure risks more harm than good from pelvic inflammatory disease contraction likelihoods due negative interaction with vaginal mucosa in adverse unpredictable proportional effects making such treatment ineffective and risky often resulting disorientation especially when applied frequently by individuals lacking basic knowledge on how their bodies work during periods menstrual cycle postpartum recovery intervals where hormonal fluctuations are abnormal changes bacterial colonies thriving down there requiring unique ways dealing specific times year considerate given interventional guide action scientists put together to capture purposes going scientific.

So, while a little bit may accidentally end up inside via fingers after applying externally it’s not something recommended at all –you dig?

What To Use Instead Of Putting Vagisil In Your Vagina

While you cannot directly insert external creams inside, there several alternatives safe options available in handling related itchiness or dryness around vulval area without causing undue detriment; these include:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antifungal properties known popularly tool helping combat vaginal candidiasis bacteria accumulation aiding regulation overgrowth balance pH reducing discomfort around affected regions completely easily affordable option locally sourced hygiene brands worldwide reviewed indicating no dangerous chemicals negatively impair secretions general well-being suitably convenient self-administering individual choosy stuff put close nether-regions smoother surface sensations during sexual intercourse.

Just apply coconut oil onto affected areas once daily before sleep then massage gently so cream spreads equally.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial and highly recommended to improve vaginal flora composition; which then helps to maintain the balance of bacteria found in your vagina.  Some probiotics strands may need refrigeration but most are shelf stable while others come with artificial sweetness or tea flavouring which can dissolve easily when ingested orally boosting internal gut health thus preventing yeast infection from the inside-out!

BFD alert! Few strains found commonly administered forms dietary supplements contain certain bacteria that also assist regulation vaginal pH reducing rates harmful exogenous pathogen proliferation . This makes them an ideal way increase chances towards achieving a healthy immune system ultimately keeping you safer out there on sexual conquests weather serious light-hearted relationships.

3. Don’t forget Loose Clothing

Tight clothing doesn’t provide enough breathing space, trapping moisture around sensitive tissues leading ultimately prolonging symptoms so top tip: switch to loose cotton pajamas especially at night – these avoid additional discomfort caused by daily irritants such as toilet paper wiping wrong direction poop sessions rolling over bed sheets other materials likely stick warm damp fabric after shower exercising sweating hot climates etcetera

We know everyone is different, that’s why it’s important always call physician when got questions pertaining issues far-reaching concerning reproductive area medical/health aspects requiring covered before going ahead application using anything deemed risky potentially danger causing complication even more vulnerable post-op recovery combined fickle nature hormones make sure go options good working knowledge anatomy each individual matter concern general use widespread they’re used correctly accordance guidelines provided healing process occurs naturally —well unless specified otherwise manufacturer supplier instructions remember hygiene crucial maintaining general well-being ensure live life fullest capacity without fear worry embarrassment self-doubt low esteem doing mentally emotionally physically sound equipped tackle bits things sex brings round table full confidence happiness pleasure joy moderation prevention dealing curveballs thrown age sets approaches!

Note: The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Before beginning any new treatment, please consult with your healthcare provider.

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