Can i put icy hot on my face?

When it comes to self-soothing, many of us have turned to the icy-hot sensation that can come from applying creams like BenGay or Tiger Balm. These products are often effective at treating sore muscles and joints, but what about other parts of the body? Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering whether you can put icy hot on your face. In this article, we’ll explore this question in depth.

What is Icy Hot?

Before we dive into whether or not icy hot is safe to use on your face, let’s take a closer look at what exactly this product is. Icy Hot is a topical medication used for pain relief. It’s designed to soothe sore and achy muscles by creating a cooling sensation followed by heat in order to provide more effective relief than either cold or warm therapy alone.

How Does It Work?

The science behind how icy hot works isn’t completely understood, but one theory suggests that it stimulates sensory receptors in the skin that play a role in pain perception [1]. Another possibility suggested by several studies suggests that methyl salicylate (one of the active ingredients) binds with prostaglandins which help control inflammation and thus contributes towards reducing pain [2].

Putting Icy Hot on Your Face

So now comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Is it safe to use icy-hot cream on your face? Unfortunately my short answer would be NO! But as always there’s more going on here than meets the ey e(pun intended).

Risk Factors

There are several reasons why using icy-hot cream may not be such a great idea:

  • The skin of our faces tends to be thinner and more sensitive than other areas of our bodies.
  • Our eyes could accidentally come into contact with its chemicals causing irritation
  • The overwhelming scent packaging up peppermint oils and mentholated seems cool for the body but pretty distressing choice to apply around our faces.

But What If You Really Want To Use It On Your Face?

If after hearing about how risky it can be you still feel like going ahead with trying Icy/hot on your face, who are we to stop you? However before using icy hot on your face or sensitive zones, keep in mind a few tips:

  • Access Product Details: Look through the labeling on the packaging before applying any product apart from being aware of application procedures, products that give a warning “Do not use” should not be used at all.
  • Test Out A Small Area First: You don’t want to find out about an allergic reaction later!
  • Stay away from eyes and mouth completely as they could cause irritation
  • Do Not Keep It Long – Using Icy/Hot cream for long periods strains those areas it is applied onto.

Known Side Effects

Some side effects that may occur when using icy hot include skin irritation, redness, rash blisters or burning sensation. Carefully observe your facial reaction including excessive swelling 30 minutes after application if this happens seek immediate medical attention!.

What Are The Alternatives?

In lieu of putting icy-hot cream on your face there are some great alternatives you might want to try including more gentle remedies such as:

Hot/Cold Compresses

One reason why Icy-Hot may provide relief is because muscles poorly receive blood flow i.e vasoconstriction due conditions causing inflammation which cold therapy can then help alleviate symptoms.. Place a warm compress over sore muscles followed by cool packs to aid tissue healing.

Moist Heat

Moist heat bath or treatment sessions can relax stiff joints/muscles while easing nerve pain especially in problem spots along the neck head region giving more direct influence less risks involved.

Arnicare Cream

Arnicare cream has a mild effect on reducing pain symptoms while having no menthol or camphor ingredients.


There’s some scientific evidence to suggest that acupuncture can be effective in activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, and may help reduce chronic headaches and tension-related headaches.

In Conclusion:

While it may be tempting to introduce icy/hot into your facial routine, as we’ve seen there are multiple reasons for avoiding this avenue of relief. However in case you still want to experiment using ice/cream around your eyes/nose patch test before applying liberally after doing sufficient research on the product details. Overall I recommend sticking with gentle moist heat compresses, arnica creams or seeking out professional acupuncture treatment rather than venturing too deep into unknown regions of skincare! Remember every beauty regime does not need discomfort!

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