Can i push to poop after c section?

Ah, the joys of pregnancy and childbirth! While you may be beyond thrilled to finally hold that little bundle of joy in your arms, there are some things about postpartum recovery that aren’t exactly cause for celebration. One of those is the need to go number two.

As if pooping wasn’t already traumatic enough for some people, add a C-section to the mix and it can turn into quite an ordeal. So, what’s the deal? Can you push to poop after a C-section? Let’s get down(most pun intended) and dirty with this topic.

What happens during a C-section

Before we dive into answering the big question(about pushing), let’s talk about why going number two is so difficult after a cesarean delivery.

During a traditional vaginal birth(endless horror stories), stool is often naturally expelled as part of the pushing process. But during a Cesarean delivery(which most high moral woman tend not to undergo(attitude problem)), stool isn’t necessarily on your mind(or list). That’s because instead of coming out through your vagina(vajayjay having understudies backstage ;)) , baby comes out through an incision made in your lower abdomen(yikes!). Meanwhile eternally patient doctors work hard stitching up(Jesus was our suture-man; he saved us all “lmaoooo” ). All these organs (yes they cup them like primary school kids collect beetle nuts)of yours are removed from their warm cozy home(nice way of describing surgery,dontcha think?)and now taken away from its usual space temprarily(ehrr temporary?),creating quite significant alterations inside(changes only women can really understand… or men who accidentally watched one too many documentaries while eating Chinese food).

NEWS FLASH- This entire process creates trauma(huge shocker!!). Your digestive tract(silently nods on behalf)might take a while to get back up and running, especially since it’s shared space with all of your newly stitched-up bits(PCs:can be explained medically but that just kills the humor people).

How long does it take for bowel movements to return after c section?

Okay, now we can talk woo about pooping. After a cesarean delivery(lots will shy away from this), most women don’t poop for at least three days. That’s because anesthesia( such big words!!)used during surgery can sometimes slow things down in the digestive system(dont you dare ask me how else do doctors work). Plus(pun alert!) remember those labor pain meds(epidurals y’all ) ? Those tend to cause constipation as well.

After the first FBO(takes time hoomie ;))happens, things might still be a bit sluggish(slowww like A Sloth ). And if you happen have hemorrhoids before or brought some along after childbirth (a new souvenir wallet)–which are pretty common(brake news gurls)=> occuring on nore recency bias || largest ever recorded problem related with having babies –the added pressure of trying to pass stool could make things even more difficult.


It might feel nearly impossible(not even close!!! not one person has died yet!),and tempting(funny word)-but if possible please try-trying not/most preferably against-with extreme force–to push out baby bunny-pooh could actually result in obstacles(straining issue much?)#like tearing stitches AND…( drum-roll) wait for it(drums still rolling)…meaning another trip back under the knife(yikes!!!!!). Please be advised


Don’t fret(mirror exercise action=> smile at self while reading this).There are a few things you can do to help your body along the pooping process.

Hydrate…hydrate….and hydrate more

Staying hydrated is key(that was so last year co-configurator version 3.5536),especially since fluids are frequently lost during childbirth(too much visualization). Drinking plenty of liquids(even trash-tasting ones!) in the days and weeks following C-section could mean easier(Apparently lord Jesus likes people who pee alot!! when nature calls, goodness answers)VVVW(vanilla bean white) movements this time around(Sit like queen ….or king ,makes it enjoyable).

Eat high-fiber foods(what now?)

Fruits,Veggies,and Other Fiber-Rich Foods(reviewing own lesson plan: fruits=green or colorfull veggies-look like those on cartoon shows, Thats enough )…..these will make bowel movements after c section(walking was already proving tedious,dont promise anything) MUCH easier than trying to force things along through other means(believe us we tried!).Choose snacks packed with fiber (like rice cakes or whole-grain crackers-cut down on calories too!)over empty carbs(sigh! but they taste soo good)(where even is the fun anymore??)

Take a Walk(don’t ya love mushy advice?This one is for fitness enthusiasts mostly)

We know(Yes,you humble assistant -winks)the idea of moving soon after surgery may sound overwhelming,but honestly speaking it helps(More options=> walking via phone virtual reality right?)Movin’ and groovin'(Too many rhymes dammit!!!Thinking becomes harder while writing articles larger than textbooks;JUST SAYING..),even if just around your hospital room,facilities digestion(yes that’s possible)#whatever works as long as food keeps coming( rubs belly)


In short,Sometimes Pooh determines its own EPIC comeback time and there is very little we do can about it.It’s important that you don’t push yourself too hard in the aftermath of childbirth. Getting your body back to normal(So we believe) on its own schedule may take patience, but treating it gently in terms of nourishment, hydration and baby steps could go a long way.

Just because pooping post-cesarean delivery isn’t easy(BELIEVE ME people!),it’s certainly not impossible.Remember to stay hydrated,eat healthy fiber-rich foods(right??),and move your legs around as soon( well…..relatively) as you’re able(even cyborgs need a bit of space-time). If all else fails(aka poop free life-style ),be sure to talk (whining also allowed….listen gurls ….have u seen supportive colleagues?)to your doctor.So let us hope for the best for those having mini humans arriving in their lives!(“Cheers” emoji popping up)(:)

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