Can i get pregnant if i have the implant?

Are you tired of constantly worrying about getting pregnant, even though you’ve got an implant? Fear not because we’ve got the answers you desperately need! Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about whether or not it’s possible for you to conceive while on this form of birth control.

What exactly is an implant?

In a world where all sorts of contraceptives exist and every woman has different needs, taking oral pills may be tedious. Thus, contraceptives come in various forms such as injections, patches and rings. But have no fear! If these methods are still quite bothersome then maybe Nexplanon – the small stick that goes in your arm – would suit your lifestyle more.

How does the implant work?

Basically when the little device gets implanted into your arm it gradually releases hormones (progestin etonogestrel) making pregnancy close to impossible! It lasts 3-5 years with almost no maintenance required (unless replacement becomes necessary)

Is it 100% effective?

The chances of getting impregnated while using Nexplanon are slim-to-none. However like any other contraceptive device mistakes can happen. So ensure proper insertion procedure by certified health practitioners

When does effectiveness start?

Forget those days where remembering starts & end dates were crucial when starting contraception; with this stunning invention after one week from insertion once again welcome worry-free safe sex!

But there’s always a catch….
Ever heard lightning doesn’t strike twice? This here refers to women who do occasionally ovulate despite being protected keeping unprotected situations at bay!

Does weight affect efficacy ?

great news ladies! Size DOES NOT matter!! Research shows that there isn’t enough evidence linking body mass index (BMI)& optimal safety measures

What happens if i want children before its removed- can i get surgery sooner trhan scheduled?

Big mistake? Want a child earlier than your Nexplanon expiry date? Yeah easy-peasy but hearing the word surgery can make one nervous- Back to that little catch mentioned previously; this form of birth control may take slightly longer for fertility before pregnancy is an option.
Even more reasons why it’s always preferable to plan these things ahead with your doctor and usually they will suggest the usage of another contraceptive during pre-conception waiting period (2 months+)

Can I get pregnant if I have the implant?

In conclusion ladies, you heard right – getting pregnant while using Nexplanon is quite rare. Probability amounts close to almost impossible However, dont let down thy guard because unprotected sexual activities could put sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as HIV in play

Fortunately for all us curious creatures, nothing else screams certainty like scientific findings! Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing effective protection lasts not just weeks or months-but YEARS! Don’t forget when it comes time to replace stick replacement… Follow up and appointments are crucial though!

When in doubt ~~take a leap~~ ask other women , known medical experts / professionals

Do breathe easier now since some burning questions are answered freeing one from unwarranted uneasy thoughts .

And don’t go sticking with random advice/rumours on internet forums…rules apply even beyond contraceptives :/